Tac/u18 Thread



Another 2 guys I spoke to today referred to Hately as the next Jobe and perfect for us.
If he is 1/2 as good as Jobe we would get a beauty.


The more I read here the more I’m convinced we grab Gaff as FA, and hit the draft with pick 8 (or whatever it ends up being)

People need to keep in mind we hopefully get Daniher back next year and Fantasia hopefully plays more than 13 games

Add in natural improvement from guys like Parish, Langford, McGrath, Redman, Stringer (building his tank), Francis and hopefully Ridley and I think we would be more than capable of taking it up to most teams.

That’s not even taking into account Gleeson and Begley who missed all of last season bar a few games for Fridge.

I would however swap our first round pick with GWS if it got us Setterfield (granted it would be more to the trade than just that)


Road to the Draft - Connor Rozee, Michael Gibbons AFL chances

Mathew Lloyd - younger Brother of Jake Lloyd from the sons - one to watch.

Connor Rozee 24 disposlas 10 marks 4 rebound 50’s playing half back for North Adelaide. Good performance in a final. Best senior game/consistent game in the seniors. Throughout year played half forward and some midfield time. Strengths is versatility to play multiple positions. If he got to choose would be a midfielder,
Laid back from the country. Grew up in Port Augusta 3 Hours North of Adelaide. Moved up when he was 13 originally for cricket and schooling, sister was coming to last year of schooling.
Dad had lived in country most of life so big transition.
Has been playing at North Adelaide since Under 13’s and coming into seniors now.
Has already moved from the country to the city, so should be ok moving interstate
He would be ready to move anywhere. WOuld be awesome to stay home but would be happy to move anywhere in Australia. Close mates with jack Lukoscious - met in under 12’s state cricket.
Favourite Karioke song of choice is Dancing in the moonlight.

Michael Gibbons won VFL B&F (Joint with Miles Tigers) only 23, runner up last year, won it year before that - is he a prospect recruiters are looking at. - Possibly hes in the mature age/vfl group of players on the Radar.
Gold coast gets first access to them - Carlton and Brisbane are applying for that as well.
Other clubs are submit applications for access as well based on consistent poor performance.

Listener Questions
If Gold Coast end up with picks 2&3 should they go for the king twins so they might stay?
makes sense to consider it. Need to think about retention.
Connor & Jack Lucoscious good mates another option.

Best Pick at pick7/8 Bulldogs given suns get compo.
Rozee, Hately, Caldwell, obvious picks

What type of player Port Adelaide to pick?
Say get 9&10 if get Norths first. Keep them and hope Rozee or Hately get through.
Rumours about Wingard not going away either.

What positions are clubs looking for? Most Valuable draftee ideal candidate?
Degoey type - a good mid/ forward type

If you were SOS who would you take pick 1 - Sam Walsh Midfielder (future captain).

Who do dons take if super 7 are gone?
Rozee, Jai Caldwell - one might be there.

Who are the small forward machines? Chase Jones, Luke English, Irving Mosquito

North still keen for Tarryn Thomas or have they gone cold?
North will still take him, but dont expect a bid in the top 12.

Where do you expect Ian Hill to be drafted?
Probably outside the first dozen, somewhere around 15-16 mark, Hawthorn maybe.


Ian Hill has slipped a bit throughout the year, I’d still consider him at our pick 9/10.

Classy outside runner, very much a Hill cousin.

Interrupted preseason due to a shoulder issue and has had it worked on again recently.


Seems to be no discussion on Bailey Smith. Is he any chance to slide to our pick if we were to keep it?


Slim to none, unfortunately


Would probably be one of two reasons why geelong are reportedly trying to get up the draft order. Either he or one of the King boys imo.


Won’t get past saints


The way St Kilda are talking up recruiting, their first pick will be in the 130’s.


Watching 5 mins of that video that Matt walker for murray No.9 looks and moves like Cripps.
Any news on him or am i seeing things


looks a rookie pick at best, plays mostly forward and his midfield game to me has only been ok and usually plays well In the middle against weaker opposition.


My money is on Rozee this draft.


Inconsistent half forward, English parent or parents from memory not from a pure AFL background (soccer player). Knock is on attitude, consistency and urgency.



A nice view for the TAC grand final


That kid Ross for Oakleigh is quite the junior player. Where’s he projected Don?


If he doesn’t make it as a player, I see a future for him in administration.


Got a state combine invite so looking 50+

I really like him and he would be good value late


Man child type, Mitch Hallahan clone for mine. Lacks explosiveness and spread and penetration, although hard it. Ok hands in tight without being elite. Downgrade on Worpel from last year. Good leader.