Tac/u18 Thread


@Aceman - what’s the talk about:


That guy has cult figure written all over him.

Bring in huge man!


Wonder if he can play KPD?

On paper he has plenty of the attributes to be a successor to Hooker.


Could also sound like Reece McKenzie or Ryan Willits!



What, a player who retires due to battling mental health issues?

I guess. A pretty long bow to draw from that draft profile though.


Apologies. Didn’t know that. Just thought he sounded like a bunch of “big” KPPs who didn’t make it.


Takes a ripper mark near the end


Bring him in. I know nothing about him but that surname!


Smooth mover for a big man. Hard at contest, nice kick


We could give him a go. Let him train with us and if he doesn’t cut it then it’s Don’t Come Munnday.


Lacks consistent application and question marks over his desire for the game, on talent is up there with the best in this draft though.


Just a reminder you can watch the under 17 futures game at 10am on the AFL app


What a name on the lad.


Carlton trading mature age recruits to Suns for picks seems a likely strategy.


Carlton are in talks with the Suns about a possible swap of two mature agers for their pick 17


Seems Carlton are trying to replicate the GWS list through stacking as many draft picks as possible.


Keep an eye on Mcasey in the early game (Very good mover and lead up forward type gun), Bianco (classy midfielder), Rowell (Selwood clone), Charlie Dean (Jonathan Browns like). Darcy Chirgwin (Mid forward), Josh Worrell (rangy left footer) Kemp (Degoey), and Noah Anderson (setterfield),


I know of all these players :wink:

It’s the interstate players I’m most interested in watching, about 7 players I haven’t watched so I have my eyes on them


I think their perfect off season would be:

  • two mature agers for GC’s pick 17
  • picks 24&25 to Sydney for pick 13

They then use 17 on McGovern, bundle up 13 and next years first for Shiel and possibly Setterfield and still keep pick 1 for Walsh.
Hopefully their plans come crashing down to earth and no one wants to go there