Taking it four VFL finals at a time

Link to final list of qualified players

So no game to discuss this week. But if the final month goes right, who can play VFL finals?

Full rules are at http://vfl.com.au/finals-eligibility/ but the short answer is:

  • must have played 1 game at AFL or VFL level
  • if they’ve played AFL after 1 July, they must have played six VFL games
  • can’t have played more than 12 AFL games

If you’re still in the AFL finals but have a week off, any player who didn’t play in the AFL the week before is also eligible. I haven’t considered that, or the rule that says the AFL/VFL can break the rules, in constructing the lists below. Similarly, a few could qualify or disqualify themselves during either final series.

Definitely eligible (at start of finals):

  • Stanton
  • Francis
  • Ridley
  • Begley
  • Mutch
  • Jerrett (subject to recovery)
  • Leuenberger
  • Bird
  • Morgan
  • Redman
  • Langford
  • Clarke
  • Hocking
  • Howlett <-- oops, originally missed him
  • Dea
  • Long
  • Draper
  • McNeice
  • McKernan

Possibly eligible:

  • Bellchambers — must miss 2 of the last 4 AFL games, and must play 1 more VFL game
  • Myers — must play 2 more VFL games
  • Brown — must not play another AFL game (likely, due to injury)
  • Ambrose — must not play another AFL game, or play this week and then play the last 4 VFL games
  • Laverde — must play 3 more VFL games (likely, if he doesn’t get his GPS numbers up)
  • Yestin Eades, if he decides to play a VFL game :slight_smile:

So: 17 are eligible and likely available (Merrett and McNeice being injury queries). Brown and Laverde are plausible additions to that.

So it’ll be close to business as usual: 19 AFL, three normal VFL players (say, Boyse, Hind, and a sole leadership figure in Ferry), and the 23rd man.


Now we just have to get to the finals…


On paper a pretty decent VFL squad actually.
@theDJR What is your tip for VFL finals

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Hey DJR. Is it too much to ask for you to do a quick rundown on that? Who do we have on the run home, and how many wins will get us a spot? Thanks in advance.

This team is not the sum of its parts, so far.

A large chunk of that is due to the almost complete lack of pace and small forwards (Merrett being out will make that worse).

On the other hand, it’s now been three months since a team managed to beat us by more than 17 points, and we’ve shown many times we can pile on goals rapidly.

Catch is we still have to play Box Hill (top of the ladder, albeit somehow with a lesser percentage) and Footscray (fourth, granted a four point win over us by Umpire #5 earlier in the year). We also play Geelong away, but that should be a fair bit easier.


Thanks for posting this, I often wonder who can play. Would Ben Howlett be eligible based on that criteria?

For us not to make it, three of the following teams need to pass us:

Currently outside the eight:

  • Geelong: must win all four games, we must lose all three games. Almost certainly will lose to Box Hill tomorrow. Then get Richmond, Collingwood and us.
  • Collingwood: must win three more games than us. Play Werribee, Nth Ballarat, Geelong, and Port.
  • Sandy: must win two more games than us. Play Casey, Richmond, and Nth Ballarat.
  • Fark Northern: must win two more games than us. Play Footscray, Casey, Werribee and Box Hill.

Currently inside the eight:

  • Werribee: must win one more than us. Play Collingwood, Willy, Fark Northern and Casey.
  • Casey: must win one more than us. Play Sandy, Fark Northern, Willy, and Werribee.

If all teams above win as per their current ladder position (i.e. we only beat Geelong) then it’ll end up:

Casey (11 wins)
Werribee (10 wins)
Essendon (9 wins)

Collingwood (8 wins)
Sandy (8 wins)
Fark Northern (7 wins)
Geelong (5 wins)

As we have at least a 37% percentage lead on all of these teams, we could lose all of our remaining games and still scrape in. I expect we’ll beat both Geelong and Footscray.


My bad. Eligible. Added.

Update: Geelong lost, no longer a threat. Sandy and Fark Northern also lost.

LOLingwood won at Docklands; I assume in front of no more of their fans than usual.

Casey were the ones who beat Sandy, Werribee were the losers to Collingwood. Generally a good set of results for us, we stay in sixth despite not playing.



1 Box Hill Hawks
15 12 2 1 1 50
2 Williamstown
15 12 3 0 1 48
3 Footscray
16 10 6 0 1 40
4 Port Melbourne
15 9 5 1 1 38
5 Richmond
15 9 6 0 1 36
6 Casey Demons
15 9 6 0 1 36
7 Essendon
15 8 7 0 1 32
8 Werribee
15 8 7 0 1 32
9 Northern Blues
15 7 8 0 1 28
10 Collingwood
15 7 8 0 1 28
11 Sandringham
16 7 9 0 1 28
12 Geelong
15 5 10 0 1 20
13 Coburg
15 1 14 0 1 4
14 North Ballarat
15 1 14 0 1 4


Per results today, Sandy and Fark Northern can no longer get past us.

Collingwood are the only team who can possibly push us out now. Are two wins and 38% behind us with three games to go.

Lock it in, Eddie.


Ambrose ruled out of VFL finals.

Bit poor when a player who has missed virtually the whole season with injury misses out because he hasn’t played enough games.

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Yeah, the “has played any AFL game since July 1” clause is new(ish) and can be harsh.

But not many here think this particular player “belongs” in the VFL, so fair enough.

I don’t know if it is actually the club’s thinking or merely claimed to be, but Seven yesterday said O’Meara wouldn’t play another AFL game, regardless of form, for precisely this reason.


So, given the somewhat surprise win last week: can we make top four?

We are one win behind Port, Footscray, and Casey. Equal with Richmond.

Port (3rd) play Box Hill (2nd, away) and Collingwood (8th, away).
Footscray (4th) play us (7th, away) and Willy (1st, home).
Casey (5th) play Willy (1st, home) and Werribee (9th, home).
Richmond (6th) play Sandy (home, 11th) and Coburg (away, 17th).

We play Footscray (4th, home) and Geelong (12th, away).

Willy and Box Hill are excellent tips to win three of those games, we control the result of one of the remaining five.

Top four (even third!) remains plausible, though we’d probably need to have Richmond choke.

It’s particularly relevant as most likely Willy and Box Hill will get the home finals in that first week, and teams 5 and 6 will go to Port Melbourne instead.

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Some news on the finals:

  • Grand Final will be a triple-header: women, men, TAC.
  • Tickets will be pre-sold for North Port Oval games.
  • As speculated above, only two finals will be “home” finals… unless you’re Port Melbourne, of course!

Geelong beat Collingwood and Fark Northern beat Werribee — both results were irrelevant after our win today, as was the cripple fight between Coburg and Nth Ballarat.

Casey beat Willy in what I imagine was a brutal southerly wind, crap.

Otherwise, we’d be live ladder fourth.

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Useful site:


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So if I’ve read the OP correctly, if Hurley missed next week and we make finals, we could play him in the VFL week 1 final so he doesn’t have a 4 week gap between games. Right?