Target fixation and the Essington cycle


GWS have 14 players on their injury list this week, we have 3.

Coniglio, Griffen, Hopper, Williams, would all look pretty handy in black and red (wouldn't say no to Taranto either......or Deledio)


Yep that is true


Some might say they'd be happy to swap our bottom 14 for GWS's current injury list, and we'd be right as rain.....


This is very true. My first post to Blitz in September 2001 after the GF made many of these points. Proof EFC does not pay attention to BB.


A problem has to be acknowledged it exists before it can be dealt with and then solved. Spec Savers!
This is the other side of the saga that those at Head Office pretend doesn't exist because its been over from when
it started for them.

Call it we only need a couple of inside midfielders or a new ruckman, call it what you like. We are where we are
because that's what we are. Sure things can change quickly sometimes, but; we are still dealing with stuff that
people are blind about and no other club has been through before. Regardless, of the huff and fluff the club comes
out with, we are along way from playing finals and that's what footy is all about. The sooner we get that, the sooner things start to get better. The word rebuilding hasn't been used but it needs to be if we are fair dinkum.


With the benefit of the motorcycle's mirrors, some of the panic in this thread has been allayed by two wins in a row and an improving ruckman and midfield. I still really enjoy thinking about the wider cultural issues it raises.

As a middle aged 'don I cannot give up the joy of beating Carlton or winning on Anzac Day, or the boast of 16 flags. What was this stuff for if not to enjoy? Would you rather the Ross Lyon approach of enjoying nothing but a premiership? Because that can be a lot of misery.

We have not had the quick fix approach of Carlton or the previous savagery of Richmond eating its own. People ask what we stand for and I would have thought we are strong on developing our own, player dynasties and a calm kind of power- suaviter in modo. The risk here is only to look within, and Worsfold is an antidote to that just as Sheedy was. Xav is similarly considering an outsider for the board.

So I would not hide the cups in a spare room next to the witches' hats. I would not worry about our supporters being more cool-headed than some of the frothing panic merchants wearing other colours. But we can tweak these things. Why not have some prizes for best banner etc around the ground at home games (after the TV raffle of course)? Why not have a prominent empty plinth for the next cup beside the other 16?

17 years is a long wait, though perfectly average in an 18 team competition. I don't want to be perfectly average. Four years of the 17 were stolen from us, partly because the AFL knows how resilient we are compared to other fragile, highly strung outfits. In summary, let's keep looking without for staff and within for the playing group. We cannot be broken but we have more records to break.