Tasmania - ANNOUNCED

a new one floated…Tassie Islanders

I love the eagles one

Years ago they stole the best of us, and played them as their own
Now they have came back again our Devils have come home.
Tasmanian Devils, Tasmanian Devils and were here to show you why
We’ve got the big bite, we play the big game, Tasmanian Devils were jumping high

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so watchout all you know-alls
all you cuckwits from the north
cause you’ll get more than just a footy game
as the turbo chooks charge forth


come on they’ve only just added the team this week. there hasn’t been nearly enough time to think about stuff like this!

Lol of course it will work. Mac Pt has the space to add car parking. There’s existing on the domain, far more than at Bellerive, and like Bellerive, they’ll put on extra buses. It’s an easy walk from anywhere in the cbd or Salamanca precinct.

JFC Tassie, get excited!

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Brendon Gale supposedly down in Hobart too for the Press Conference :thinking:

Looks like that role as footballs operations manager of AFL is his with getting Tas off the ground part of that.

IIRC Gale may be from Tasmania himself too

yachts only.

you’ve thought about this haven’t you.

Gilligans Island.


Tassie can do opium poppies for ANZAC Day jumpers.


Pain relief for the game.

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Wonder what Dillon is thinking :laughing:

How can an American company trademark a state’s IP???

Surely they can call themselves the Tassie Devils… It’s their thing.

To the tune of Devil with a Blue Dress:

Fee, fee, fi, fi, fo, fo, fum
Look at Tassie now, here we come
We got all all the funding and some land at Mac Point
We’ve got mouthguards in and our footy boots on
Wearin’ bottle green, primrose and maroon
We’ve got a stadium, now, with a roof and everything

Devils are the team from Hobart town, we’re the
Devils from Hobart town
Devils are the team from Hobart town
And sometimes from Launceston

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Johnny, rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard
'Cause Hell’s broke loose in Tassie and the Devils deals the cards
And if you win, you get this shiny fiddle made of gold
But you will lose, coz the Devils kick the goals

(Fiddle solo)


Press conference at 2:15 :eyes:

Some say it should be duelling banjos :smile:

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Best Tassie song is Mick Thomas’s (WPA) Hobart Town. Always goes down well at his Tassie gigs.