Tasmania - ANNOUNCED

It all makes sense. The logo can be a seal with a football balanced on its nose.

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Gill already talking about balooning costs

Well at least with a roof they won’t just float away.

When does the funding eventually get taken up?

A few clues on the name here:
“It’s been a journey, but I am so happy to say we have reached the summit. A 19th club in Tasmania. For Tasmania. Uniting Tasmania.” Mr McLachlan said.

The Tasmania United Summit Football Club.

A typical wank nickname for sure, but expected from a workstream committee.

Carn the Summits… They’ve reached the top etc etc.

I know you won’t like this, but they mentioned on the radio this morning that they are planning to tear down the Shane Warne stand at the MCG and re-build it. It’s only 30 years old, but it has fallen behind the newer stadiums (allegedly).
Sooo… if you’re going build a new stadium, you really need to plan ahead and not just match whatever currently exists.

I shall now await a berating.


Just a lazy $2bn to tear down the Shane Warne stand

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“It’s not my position to name the team, but Devils sounds good to me”

Subtle Gilligan

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Tassie Mariners

Where is anyone going to get the money for the rebuild? Not from the state govt. For that reason alone l find it doubtful that this rebuild goes ahead, anytime soon.

You just know the AFL will do something stupid like this and try to build up a rivalry between them

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Sicilian grudge matches don’t normally end well.




So if they enter the competition in 2028, when will they first start getting their claws into acquiring the young talent coming through?

Obviously they will be given quite a presence in the 2027 draft.

Will they get access to their pick of the best 17 year olds at the end of 2026 up to a certain number? From memory GWS had something like this. I think Shiel was one of the 17 year olds that they warehoused.

Obviously it won’t be exactly the same as the GWS and GC template as it sounds as though there will be a balance that’s skewed a little less towards bulk draft concessions and a little more towards getting decent, established players from clubs to ensure that they are competitive from season 1. Part of this might be draft picks that they must trade to other clubs to get these established players.

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Can’t recall how it worked with GC/GWS but would that mean they’d be already hitting the 2024 draft with a view to draftees playing VFL for 3yrs firstly

Funny to think that one stand holds more than double the capacity of the proposed Hobart stadium.

let the speculation begin…

AFL needs to spend more on grass roots football, including Australian Rules grounds in NSW and Queensland.

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What are the odds that Tasmania wins a final before Essendon?