Tasmania - ANNOUNCED

oh cool four years of this sht

Wouldn’t most West Australians have already hitched their wagon to either the Dockers or Eagles by now? Where would these 50,000 come from?

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Nope. There are plenty of Perth people who farking hate West Coast.

West Coast currently have 10,000+ households on their waiting list.

Probably half of them would cross over so they could go to regular games at Optus Stadium.

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Reckon we should get on board with Tassie team. I hope the Stadium is bigger than 23000 though as this seems so small to me.



The good news is when Tassie joins the VFLW it will take less time to get to their games than to Casey.


Well, it’s not.

When you see all the stakeholders getting their keys to their new beemers or Mercs.

Because Gill said so.

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Note to Adrian Dodoro and the club.

If you hang around the middle of the table for another 4 years and then decide to rebuild, it is basically like catching a scorpion and putting inside your pants.

With the draft concessions Taasie is going to get, we will be screwed for another decade.


Gill would never say that! @theDJR why do you think Gill wants a new Tassie stadium?

Anyone suggested

The Tassie Apples?

Id paint a big apple on the roof too.

Agree id hope they would have aimed for 35k


What draftees want to spend three years in the VFL?

Just needed to come in here and mention that Sicily saying bad stuff about Tassie says more about him than Tassie

I like it. Boutique stadiums are popular in NFL. Green Bay is a small one and it sells out.

I do agree with him though. I would have thought 30k would be more appropriate as they should get 20-25k members comfortably leaving 5k for interstate visitors and walk up sales. The worrying thing for me from whst I’ve heard is that only 2-3k of tickets will be available for opposition fans tops and we won’t know if we have tickets until a couple of weeks out. Makes it hard to book a trip to Tassie 6 months in advance knowing you may not get a ticket


Agreed. I’m already looking forward to potential Essendon matches there, Hobart is a great place. But if you can’t get tickets then they’ll miss out on what I’d have thought would be a key economic factor in their calcs.


If they made it bigger at the start, what would we spend a couple of billion dollars on in 10years time?

Just had a read of the Stadium capacity analysis. Weirdly, some parts are blacked out.

But essentially, they’re projecting for up to 28,000 Tasmanian AFL members across the state, of which around 15,000 would be trying to attend on an average home game.

Around 23,000 capacity allegedly is the “sweet spot” for the cost vs demand benefit . Going to 25-26000 is projected to cost around $30m extra , and only games against the big Melbourne clubs would top out that figure anyway.

Effectively, they’re trying to create a high demand for tickets , assuming a link between scarcity of tickets translating to increased demands for them, using Geelong as the model. Ie - more members than seats available will increase the demand for both.

I’m not sure if that holds true , inherently. They use gold coast as the counter point, but Gold Coast are just flat out struggling for supporting members, it’s not because seats are easy to get. Totally different situation.

And you have to wonder what happens in 10-15 years with Tasmania’s projected population growth . An extra 30 million on a 3/4 billion dollars now to get an extra 3000 seats seems fairly logical, I’d have thought. Because if you’re putting a roof on it, increasing capacity down the track is going to be incredibly difficult, and vastly more expensive than $30 million.

Anyway, I’m sure smarter people than I have been paid lots of money to analyse this stuff. But if I was Albo, and the info was that for 30 million on top of our 240 million we can future proof the stadium with an extra 10 percent capacity, I’d be pushing for that.