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If their tickets cost more than Gold Coast’s gouging…

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Dangerfield on Sen said he thinks Tasmania should have access to 1 contracted player from each team regardless of contract situation, was asked what are the protections for clubs, he said create an environment where no player wants to leave, wouldn’t this mean forcing a contracted player out, if I heard correctly he’s a farkin ■■■■.

Why is k n o b filtered?


I didn’t hear it, but surely he means allowing a contracted player who wants to go leave, rather than forcing a contracted player to go against his wishes.

I assume the club would be compensated in that scenario, but still a bit ■■■■. What is the point of a contract?

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You would think so, but if he thinks they should get a contracted player but the club creates an environment where not one contracted player wants to leave, what happens?

Probably too young to remember the Bears farce where (for example) Fark Carlton told a guy who was retiring to not announce that and instead be the one they gifted to the Bears.


Absolutely 100% that’s what he would’ve meant. There’s no conceivable way the president of the AFLPA would be advocating a scenario that sees players moved against their will.

Personally, I don’t have a huge issue with it as an idea. The compensation would be largely aligned with the formula for determining Free Agency compensation, assuming that even exists by 2027 when player movements are happening.


They don’t get a player from that club. Pretty simple. Entitlement to one doesn’t guarantee they will actually lure said player.


Don’t be so sure. Governments involved so it’s likely to be a ■■■■ show costing wise.

Apparently he did also say if they are contracted and they CHOOSE to go they should be allowed, so my bad for not listening properly😁


Lambeau Field is an outdoor athletic stadium in the north central United States, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Opened: 29 September 1957

Owners: Green Bay Packers, Green Bay, Green Bay/Brown County Professional Football Stadium District

Capacity: 81,441

Team: Green Bay Packers


Compromised draft would be best to draft mainly from father son and academy IMO, we should put lots of energy towards this for that 3-4 year window.

According to Wiki, only five US football stadiums have a capacity of 80k or more. Average size is 60k, with the majority at 70k

Yeah 23k is the spot for the West Coast type arrangement where people book reserved seats. So demand outweighs supply. In saying that, you’d hope they’d future proof it, knowing once the roof goes on it will be impossible to increase the capacity again.

Just build a another, bigger stadium. Simple.


Just make the seats smaller so you can fit more in. :crazy_face:


Lambeau isn’t small at all.

The town of Green Bay is small but the team draws people in from Milwaukee

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30,000 sounds better.

23,000 sounds like there will be zero wiggle room.

I reckon Wiki are wrong or I have been to them all.

Camp Randall Stadium is in Madison , Wisconsin, located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin, and I have been to opening day of thye College Football season there a number of times. It has a listed capacity of over 80,000 but with all the drunks in the carpark the total crowd reaches 150,000 on a good day.

Wisconsin has nearly six million people, and most of them live within a 2-3 hour drive of Green Bay. The Packers really are a de facto state team.

As mentioned, they draw from Milwaukee (1.5 million metro) + Madison (300k), Appleton-Oshkosh (200k) and a lot of other small cities.

They also have a pretty good national following.

Guy just rang up on the radio and said they should absolutely have the 20th team in NT. And that they can build a state of the art, air conditioned stadium there…

It’s amazing how some people don’t understand how money works.