Tasmania - ANNOUNCED

And 80% of them are very strange. I spent three months living there once and all I remember is drinking beer and eating cheese.

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Amazing that Blitz hasn’t caught onto this gimmick yet.


footy media hyperbole machine paying dividends here

“would you go play for tasmania?”
siCiLy HaTeS tAsMaNiA aNd EvErYoNe In It

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the fk does state of the art mean for a stadium anyway

whenever i see “outdated” i just assume it means whoever wrote that once had to take the stairs to a corporate box instead of a lift

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There’s that Jerry Lee Lewis song ‘What made Milwaukee famous….’

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Side Note: Wisconsin has an Aussie Rules team called the Wisconsin Wombats, based out of Madison.

There’s also the Milwaukee Bombers, but they really exist in name only with just the one player they send to Nationals (who also happens to be the league’s co-founder)


Yes. Yes they are.

Yeah, unfortunately that came after my time. A shame too as they had the right name and colours. In Denver we had the Bulldogs. They were actually quite the USAFL powerhouse for a time. I played recreational footy with several of them. Still have a t-shirt which I wear occasionally around here and it confuses a LOT of people.


i think one of the most interesting aspects of milwaukee is the fact that it’s the only major american city to have ever elected three socialist mayors


Surely when we go down to play tassie our crowd will fill it at 23k?

According to the Cats site, average membership attendance at home games is 34k.

I think the goal with Tasmania would be very similar to Geelong. Or should be.

You write that like its a bad thing.


Although, Cats members get more out of memberships with cheaper trips to away games in Melbourne.

Tassie Cousins

So totally off track (pun) but the best thing Tasmania should do is a bullet train from Launceston to Hobart, so much to gain, Cricket Hobart , Football North, Tourists can just train through the boring midlands, we can train south for cricket and north for AFL, 1.5 billion better spent

Nope it wasn’t bad actually but it is all I can remember.


Going to definitely be a balancing act for them. On one hand they could easily sell all 23k to season ticket holders no problems but on the other hand they need a few thousand tourists going down there every second week to make it viable so they are going to have to cap the memberships. Last thing I want to do is stump up a few grand to go down there for the weekend if I can’t get a ticket

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