Tasmania - ANNOUNCED

I just think it would be a bad idea to use the Tasmanian state of origin jumper for this new team. It’s not the state team, it’s going to be a club representing a region (which happens to be a state).

Use the same colours, sure, but not with the map on the front. If they are going to be the Tassie Devils, my thought would be to have a green jumper with a thick yellow V/chevron on the front, because as everyone knows*, most Tassie devils have a v-shaped marking on their chest. (*Most people probably don’t know.)


It would look like Hawthorn’s sometimes used alternate jumper, but in green, and with maroon collar and cuffs.

Apologies for posting this poo and wee.


There seems to be a lot of hoops to jump through.
Stadium predicted by some to go double over budget.

Training complex may be built, but still uncertainty regarding stadium and teams commencement. plenty arguing 70 million would be better spent that on a training facility. That most of the community are unable to use, except for a few elite athletes.

Gary O’Donnell said intraclub matches are like dancing with your sister.

I think Tassie will get competitive faster than people think.


3 votes to you sir!

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Champagne comedy Brewer’s Droop!

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I like your thinking. Was having this convo with 2 other Tasmanians on the weekend, one though the state jumper was the go, I don’t agree but am worried some 20 something marketing kid will produce a “modern” jumper that would be horrible. Your idea, with may be a devil logo somewhere is a good one

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Going to be a tough one for many Tasmanians regarding support. I’ve been a Dons supporter for nearly 60 years, member for decades etc etc, but I’m not sure I could barrack against a Tassie side.

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i’ve never understood it either. the only metric that matters in footy is the score. if it’s higher than the other team’s, you win the game. how pleasing it is to watch is completely irrelevant to success.

nah won’t be tough, i used to go watch Tassie in the VFL and cheer against every side, but when Essendon/Bendigo Bombers were here. I was going for red and black, with a soft spot for tassie team.

Inhabitants of Tassie are heading to an early election.


Could be interesting for the AFL if there is a change of government.


You mean like this ? :

No, like this:


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No, I mean like what I actually showed. A flattened V.

If it bothers you that much, they could always go the Boca Juniors route and flatten the hell out of it.

Or they could just go with the map of Tassie, which is what they’ll probably do.

We were in Tassie in January and there was a surprising (to me) amount of opposition to the stadium spend. Mainly due to the housing / rent crisis in and around Hobart. Locals feel priced out of their own city and a shortage of available housing. Interesting times ahead.

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What’s causing the housing issue? Lack of new estates leading to shortage of new builds? Is this because of green issues and not being able to clear and offer new development sites?

Severe shortage of tradies down there doesn’t help. They are always begging mainland tradies to go down there but any that I know have far too much on their plate here and have work solid for the next 2 years minimum and that’s without new builds. Backlog will take 1-2 years minimum

LOL, how are they planning to build a new stadium then?

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Commercial contracts and big projects are often no problem

old VFL jumper.