Tasmania - ITS TIME



Awesome. Yacht parking. Sign me up.


The 2 long wharves are where the cruise ships park. A little tweak on the water sides of the stadium and the cruise companies could sell weekend trips to watch the footy from your own cabin :smile:


The only way to do the fixture is to have a shorter season.

It will actually end up making the AFL money in the long run as the games will be worth more to the broadcasters as a limited product.

Once you introduce Tassie - that’s 19 teams. Play 18 rounds. No doubt in time there will be a 20th team from somewhere (probably WA) and that will mean 20 teams and 19 rounds.

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Stadium right next to the ‘Drunken Admiral’ restaraunt. Sign me up please

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Depends on how many lines they’ve been doing.

scarcity as an economic concept means nothing to broadcasters. they’d have an afl game on prime time 365 days per year if they could.

content is bought in measures of hours and weeks, not number of games.

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Listening to the Tasmanian premier this morning and I’m sold. This is a terrible idea.

Some of his reasons for needing a team. “Think of all the Tasmanian legends we’ve had in the game, Jack Riewoldt, Matthew richardson”.

it seems pretty evident the afl has been putting on all these ridiculous requirements around the stadium etc because they don’t want to be the bad guys and simply say no

and the tas government keeps pledging to meet them because they don’t want to be the bad guys and simply say no

i’m for a tasmanian team as a concept, but the way things are getting handled at present pretty much guarantee it will be a mess

-edit- life in the post-accountability era is proving to be very silly


Hit the nail on the head, I reckon.