Team Bond

What does everyone think of the bond of our team?Anyone see James Stewart at the VFL on the weekend? I was watching the game next to a lot of the boys and he was with them but didn’t seem to be included in any conversations with them.seemed a bit on the outer.

Any chance you’re reading way too much into one tiny instance?


I’m only putting it out there for peoples opinion.

The man is a deep thinking wine connoisseur’n fashionista

He speaks when thinks it’s worthy of doing so and doesn’t engage in unnecessary rattlin’ on

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Maybe he was ignoring them

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My opinion is you may be reading way to much into what you thought you saw from one player,… during a what, 1 hour period?

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All I’m saying is all the players in attendance were laughing and joking amongst themselves and he was sitting by himself on his phone for most of the game

This thread is delivering

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I’ll assume from your assumption that he is just an attention seeking prima donna then ,… :smirk:

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His phone.


Another thing, He just had one of the most frustrating years injured and he wishes he was out there, this time last year he was playing some pretty good footy in the VFL finals.

Are we going to win the America’s Cup?


That could mean anything then. Family probs, GF issues, … any one of a million things,… I thought you meant he was standing right with them, not talking with them.

Come on man …

Had to think about that one.

Very good.

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He just hit level 2000 in candy crush

Team Bond?

Well played OP

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If he was with Clarence Odbody then that’s not surprising.

Every time I see Langford at the VFL he is always off by himself, or with the misso. To be fair his gf is pretty good, I would rather hang out with her too.

You sound shaken, not stirred

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You were post 007