Team booted from local Comp

The Manunda Hawks, a team in the AFL Cairns competition, have had both there senior and reserve sides suspended from competing in the 2015 season. The are being punished for forfeiting both games against Port Douglas earlier in this season. Now for a little back ground, one of the Hawks players, who used to play at Port, recieved death threats on social media, from some people who may have an issue with said player. Both Port and AFL Cairns gave Manunda assurances for the sercruity of their players by increasing security and Manunda even dropped said player for the game. Port and the AFL then said that there would no longer be any need for extra security. Manunda, who had a large number of Colts players playing in both grades, still held concerns for their players, as did the Colts players parents, so in the interest of player sercruity, the club took the decision to forfeit both games and just this week AFL Cairns punishment was to suspend both grades.

I am not associated with either of the clubs or with AFL Cairns, but feel the punishment does not fit the crime and is a huge over reaction by the governing body.

Wow. Fair bit of intrigue involved there. ■■■■■■ hell. 

I think Dempsey played for them, must be something to do with Essendon

So did Harbrow, and that Sam Michael kid who was just delisted by Brisbane.

AFL Cairns has been encouraging 2 of the poorer clubs, one of them the Hawks, to merge or risk folding for some time now as the Cairns league probably has 1 club too many. I think the league is using this as an opportunity to fold the club without actually having to do so themselves.

Heard of this just last night at the Masters do. Seriously, wtf?

Some in control, or maybe in “control”, of AFL Cairns seem to think themselves a law unto themselves. Manunda has a rich history, producing many AFL level players and having had their own share of success over the years.

I could understand banning the players involved, but to oust the entire club is a knee-jerk reaction of epic proportions. Utter madness.

They play football in Cairns?

We do. It’s a pretty good standard too.