Team for the SALAMI CUP

In: Hocking, Goddard


Out: Gleeson (soreness), Hardingham

No bell no goals

RIP Gleeson

Where the hell is Bellchambers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We need another tall marking option up forward to help out Joe and Jake. Plus he needs game time in the 1's.


The dogs have very few tall defenders, and we don't take advantage of that fact, sigh

fark off !!


Marty  :(

T-bell, Ambrose and Hardy are the emergencies.



For them:

In: Morris, Bontempelli, Johannison, Williams

Out: Gia, Jong, Young Campbell



Surprised Bellchambers is not in. Proved to be an effective forward last year. 

Beyond belief that Bellchambers couldn't get a game.



Johannisen to show why we should have traded Crameri for him. 35 x 4

By all reports needs more time to build confidence in his foot. Coming off a long term injury I am happy to see him play again in the VFL so he can be given that time and opportunity to build it back up. He can pick up the pace a bit more this week and next week come in and be more ready for the step up to AFL. Yes we need him badly but we need him on the field for the rest of the year. 

:) quietly confidant bout this one. (and happy with selection commity.

TBell is obviously not ready. Bomber has repeatedly said and shown he's not prepared to risk players. 

I don’t think Johannisen was ever on the rade table. Why not Boyd to show why we should have traded Crameri for him


TBell couldn’t out leap Hudson.

Disappointed not to see Gleeson in the team but it is understandable.

Would have loved to have seen Bellchambers but meh.

No Aylett no win

I don't mind the bellchambers non-selection if it was a consistent policy not to play players until they are 100% ready.


But they played Dempsey last week....