Team named for 2020 round 3 vs Melbourne

Doesn’t seem to be anyone else on the bench who can go out for Ambrose.
I find that disappointing because i think he is best 22.


Move Hurley forward, drop Snelling/Zaka, Ambrose back and switch Hurley/ambrose them throughout the game. We have enough smalls, doubles the forward prong attack with McKernan

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Every chance yeah same sort of situ as tippa last week

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The Ressies Scratch Match is at our training base on Sunday morning for those who want to watch by the roadside.


are we good or bad in the wet i can’t remember?

Last time we smashed ■■■■ Carlton I think, so good

I think they’re confident with McKenna and waiting until tomorrow’s run as to whether Fantasia is ready.



I don’t recall us dropping someone who is named on the field.

No HOT CHIP vendors unfortunately though

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Could be right

IMO given he’s had his injury woes if they needing to fitness test him so close to game they will take more conservative path and give him another week.

But if he blitzes Friday training hard to leave him out.

Either way good to have him on cusp. When quad first done could have been a long time out if bad one.

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Ambrose in to release hooker forward.

Hooker forward allows us to ruck McKernan rather than Langford the second ruck.


They’ll come if he turns up don’t you worry about that.


I see Bellchambers is going to be the selection WTF this year that costs us top 4

Phillips’s crime of making our ruck division look faster than snail paced and presenting around the ground, tackling, harassing and taking marks was obviously too much for woosh to handle

Amazing how this club just destroys players confidence over sentimental personal loyalty, this is what separates us from great teams and great clubs, TBC is done, Phillips was playing great footy with our mids, and they shelve him for 3 games, ruin any momentum we had with our obvious replacement, TBC will not last the month.

Phillips and the team deserves better, they deserve a ruck that’s useful when the ball leaves his 1 metre radius. We looked so much more Richmond like in the pre-season because we had a ruck that acted like another mid just like Richmond.

We also had a ruck that could make the contest on the wing when we kicked forward, TBC could barely get near it if it wasn’t kicked right at him. Couldn’t even leap or contest our kicks forward.

Every year one baffling stupid selection decision, be it Myers or playing a fading ruck costs us game in game out, I knew Woosh was a terrible selector, but is Truck too?

Watch, whenever Phillips comes back, if they ever remember he exists, you’ll see a far more tenacious team effort.


If Orazio, Irish in for Guelfi, Zaharakis happens, I will be stoked.

Not that I dislike them, but they will be upgraded.


Phillips doesn’t “deserve” anything. He has to earn his spot. If you’ve been reading the training reports apparently Belly has him covered pretty easily.


orazio and McKenna for zaka and guelfi


I’ve been to training.

Bellchambers covers Phillips in one area only: actual ruck craft. Phillips is still solid in this area but Bellchambers is clearly the better tap ruckman.

However, in every other area Phillips has Bellchambers totally covered: more mobile, gets involved with the play immediately the ruck contest is over, better leap, tackles well, etc.


Copycat from Ballarat