Team named for 2020 round 3 vs Melbourne

Phillips was brought in to replace Zac Clarke that’s who he needs to be better than to improve our list.

We’re not expecting a 28 year old journeyman that’s only played in 6 wins total in his career to actually take it up to Gawn and Grundy are we.


we expect him to do better than a ruck that doesn’t move at all after a tap and is too cooked to make marking contests


Not that it matters when it doesn’t rain…


We sure set a very high standard. Be better than one of the worst players to pull on an Essendon jumper.

I would hope they brought him in to compete with belly but we know that’s not the Essendon way.


Carlton is cooked rain hail or shine. Don’t know why you are asking us though. You know that.

I think you will find most wanted Draper in.

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he’s not very good at it. if he was, his spot wouldn’t
be up for discussion. he is passable in his tap work for mine, nothing more. have you ever heard belly talked about as one of the better tap ruckman? he wouldn’t even be in the top 8 in the comp.

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I hope your right.

Yeh methinks we’re overrating a wee bit

Can you omit someone selected in the “playing” 18?
If so, I’d agree.

Yeah not gonna happen unfortunately

Zakas gotta go!

WOB. Tom was in the top 8 tap ruckmen over the last 3 years, but not around the ground.
At the moment he is not match fit, bugt hopefully that will improve.

I think maybe the coaches believe his tapping skills improve our midfield as a whole, compared with Phillips.

I dont think its because Tom has photos.


Never change Blitz

Nah that was just @Clone_Hirdy’s weird obsession

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Benfti too.

Gawn can have the 3 votes, who cares. Just win the game!
That said, if we don’t look out TBell!

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It’s not that Phillips is a great ruck, he’s not, he’s passable, Bellchambers is a deadset 4 goal a game liability.

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This is the week for speed

McKenna and Raz back in.

Let’s run and gun boys. Demons won’t be able to keep up with us.

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Just on TBell and what he does have over Phillips which someone previously brought up, Sheil is currently number 1 in the AFL for centre clearances and I’m sure he gives a bit of thanks to TBell.

But wait till he gets Draper to tap to him in the coming years :wink: