Team versus Sts - R21 of 2018


Worst jumper we’ve ever worn



Lol. Thanks Humbert.

Medallion Club is a great way to go to the footy Chris. Great view, comfy seats, excellent facilities for food and drink. It’s probably my favourite way to go to the game. Very civilised.


All of the above at different stages of the game I reckon.


What are you drinking…I want some.


Bears repeating.
2x medallion club seats and underground car park level 2


That was THE game, where I first sat back and thought wow, Jobe is something else. He was amazing that day. Every time he got the ball, he made it look lik he had all the time in the world


How did they get it up there?


Good deal that.

Someone should pounce.


Yeah and watching you trying to negotiate how to use cutlery was fun.


I would just like to see Bags take the lowest high flying specky in AFL/VFL history over Carlisle.


MODUS Session IPA, then on to Yenda’s then home-brew and homegrown!

I just started three weeks leave, was hoping when I planned it we would be making a charge to the top 4 and enjoy the football. Looks like I will be cleaning out under the house and getting drunk and thinking what could of been.
Still we are 501-1 to win the GF so where there are odds there is a chance.

Edit: Forgot the 2x pint Van Diemen’s IPA I had a Tandy’s Ale House on the way home


Actually a Garry Moorcraft would be even better than that! A new mark of the century!


12 goal win coming up.




I’ve given up, I’m watching Mission Impossible.



I dont think it is


St Kilda Vs Essendon
Essendon to win by 12 goals

You’re watching the same thing


I’m going solo and would buy one!! Anyone want to get the other??