Team vs Carlton Round 20

Sorry meant Benny forward mid back

Dons by 84


Are you sure your mum didn’t sign you up as a Carlton member?

Howlett because he appears our only player who knows how to play wet weather footy


This is Bueno!

Keep going with the rampant negativity guys, … we’ll be sure to win by 20 goals if this keeps up. …


The last time I was this ■■■■■■ with selection was collingwood and that ended well

All that positivity last week brought us totally unstuck.

Green for Lav easy call. Lav didn’t fire a shot but will be better for the experience IMO. the extra tall for these next two weeks makes sense (Gleeson on jenkins anyone?). Would have gone Bags out first but no problem with resting Kelly either.

2nd round of resting for the year, 2 this week and will probably be Jobey’s turn next week, aim for full strength again for the last 2.

Howlett. Eeehhhh.

Every time we keep going back to the tired and failed players like Howlett, they gather 14 possessions and lay 3 tackles, some people will defend them saying “but they layed a good shepherd!” and then they’ll be dropped. A month later they’ll be recalled and rinse and repeat the same sh*t.

Honestly how about we take some risks and debut some kids or at least playsome younger blokes who can still trend upwards? These plodders will get us nowhere. Mutch? Begley? Langford? FMD. Howlett will be 29 and I can’t see him suddenly turning himself into anything other than an average player.


Considering out ladder position, list demographic and team changes. We should be securely in the top 8. our finals chances aren’t good, and the likelihood of winning a final are pretty much nill for me, give some kids a try, and a taste of afl level as a reward for being good in the vfl, kids like mutch, begley and maybe ridley. even francis seems to be playing with some consistency lately. but nah give it to someone whos days on the list are numbered.


Happy with Ambrose and Green, surprised with Howlett.

Haven’t been impressed this season so far, and some of his errors have been costly.

Just wondering, Howlett is probably the type of player we could utilize for a tagging role. Think maybe we may consider tagging Gibbs this week?

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I know I’ve got the early onset Andruska’s, . but weren’t we relatively happy with Benny’s last senior crack, …??


Absolutely no reason why Langford, Begley, Bird or Mutch shouldn’t be playing over Howlett.

What’s more infuriating, the selections or the smug sanctimony merchants who come in to mindlessly defend it?


Deary me

Looks like Carlton saw our team sheet and have tried even harder to tank this match. Reckon we will outdo them though

Happy with changes. Howlett adds needed grunt. Versatile. Been playing well in twos. I’d drop a tall for bird if it’s wet. Perhaps ambrose, or even Stewart out for bird.

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Some people never learn

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I think his last game was against Sydney - and there were a few errors from him that irked me. But I may have been in the minority with that opinion!

I keep telling people, their whole identity, let alone essendon identity is wrapped up in zealotry defending of everything the EFC does.
Surprised they don’t actually start leading witch hunts for real while carrying pitch forks.

Ambrose and green are good selections.

however howlett offers ■■■■■■■ nothing.
Myers will now be pushed back to a hbf for more of the game, which he ■■■■■■■ sucks at
and we go back to a pretty slow ■■■■■■■ midfield/hbf line.

It’s stupidity and madness and when they lose, the coaches will deserve the absolute backlash they will cop.
■■■■■■■ pathetic.

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Yep Essendon can not see past their nose. Not prepared to make hard decisions.

Mutch is 19 and been solid in VFL ( 19 wow give him a go)

Langers should never have been omitted and quite frankly has 3 times the skill set of Myers ( this kid will be grabbed by another club) if Essendon continues on the way it has.

Laverde ( always going to tough behind Joe - Cale Stew) why the ■■■■ would he want to plsy fwd - what’s his future position.

Mutch deserved his chance 6 weeks ago and he would be dissapointed and Bird nloody ferl sorry for him. Has been very good in VFL and again hen jobe was out played his role perfectly.

Good luck Essendon sure you’ll win on saturday but for what