Team vs Pies

7 news just said Dempsey in, Cooney out. Carlisle and Zacka to play.

In: Dempsey, Hams
Out: Ashby, Cooney

Patrick Keane just said (as someone reported in the preview thread):

“Ess v Coll; Dempsey, Hams in for Cooney, Ashby. Adams in for Karnezis.”


Adams is in for Collingwood, Karnezis is out.


More grist for the anti-sub mill.

Courtenay Dempsey and Will Hams are two big inclusions for this Saturday’s blockbuster Anzac Day clash against Collingwood.

After an impressive game in last week’s narrow VFL loss, the boys will run out in their first game for 2015.

It is a particularly important game for Will Hams who has not played a senior game since suffering a hip injury in 2013 and missing all of the 2014 season.

The game will hold even more importance for Travis Colyer and Jake Melksham who will run out in their 50th and 100th game respectively.

It will also be a special game for Jobe Watson who will lead the team as captain for the 100th time.

See below for the full-team:

In: Dempsey and Hams

Out: Ashby (omit.) and Cooney (hamstring)
Position Player Player Player
Backs M.Baguley D.Fletcher J.Carlisle
Half-Backs M.Hibberd C.Hooker M.Gleeson
Centreline B.Stanton J.Watson J.Melksham
Half-Forwards Z.Merrett J.Daniher D.Heppell
Forwards P.Ambrose M.Hurley B.Goddard
Followers T.Bellchambers P.Chapman T.Colyer
Interchange C.Dempsey B.Howlett D.Zaharakis
Emergencies K.Langford J.Gwilt J.Merrett

HAMS! Hope he isn’t sub

Whatever happened to teams not being announced until after they had been read out on Ch7 news?

HAMS! Hope he isn't sub

Not a fan of the Ham sub myself.

HAMS! Hope he isn't sub

He will be

Nice to see Hams get a run.

Ashby a little unlucky but after two weeks in the vest, probably needs a full game.

I like that we have brought in speed (Dempsey) to replace speed (Cooney) and toughness (Hams) to replace toughness (Ashby).

Should mean that we keep the balance which has been good thus far between inside and outside play. I wonder who from the back 6 pushes up the field or whether dempsey will be asked to play winger…

Interesting emergency list.




Interesting emergency list.

Was about to post the same thing

Buckets and Zaharakis might be late outs

Happy for HAMS and DJR!

hmmm it seems Edwards hasn’t overtaken Dempsey just yet…well, according to the people that matter anyway.

Good to have him back and cant wait to see Hams get amongst it…great ins.