Team vs practice kittens

FB [17] James Stewart, [10] Aaron Francis, [15] Jayden Laverde

HB [19] Nick Hind, [14] Jordan Ridley, [21] Dyson Heppell

C [4] Kyle Langford, [7] Zach Merrett, [13] Nikolas Cox

HF [9] Dylan Shiel, [23] Harrison Jones, [40] Will Snelling

FF [43] Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, [20] Peter Wright, [26] Cale Hooker

FOL [2] Sam Draper, [6] Jye Caldwell, [33] Brayden Ham

IC [28] Ned Cahill, [1] Andrew McGrath, [3] Darcy Parish, [5] Devon Smith, [8] Martin Gleeson, [24] Nick Bryan, [16] Archie Perkins, [42] Alec Waterman


No Redman

How bad is his injury?

no guelfi, injured? he was our bet in the first half last week


Bryan with a game! Very interested to see how he goes.

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Do you read the training reports?

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No Stewart either

Very surprised by this too. Must be managed?

Missed it what injury has he got?

FB [38] Jack Henry, [46] Mark Blicavs, [44] Tom Stewart

HB [42] Mark O’Connor, [25] Lachie Henderson, [2] Zach Tuohy

C [7] Isaac Smith, [35] Patrick Dangerfield, [27] Sam Menegola

HF [32] Gryan Miers, [5] Jeremy Cameron, [4] Shaun Higgins

FF [23] Gary Rohan, [26] Tom Hawkins, [30] Tom Atkins

FOL [16] Sam De Koning, [14] Joel Selwood, [3] Brandan Parfitt

[24] Jed Bews, [6] Jordan Clark, [29] Cameron Guthrie, [11] Josh Jenkins, [8] Jake Kolodjashnij, [18] Charlie Constable, [39] Zach Guthrie, [31] Francis Evans

He is there

I can’t see how we lose


apart from the one in the backline


I can.

Try harder!

Sam De Koning rucking is a weird choice, I’d expect Bryan to beat him comfortably not just Draper


I’m not actually sure but he hasn’t been training.
Calf maybe? @nackers would know

Also this De Koning plebeian is going to get an absolute bath

Sorry he’s literally the first one listed lol

From all reports he was back to the old Redman and now he’s injured again that sux major balls

did guelfi train yesterday? really surprised by his omission to be honest, unless he’s injured

Except for Guelfi missing I reckon thats a good side. Take the last 4 off and it could be the Rd1 side