Tell a Story About a Song

When I was 17 I went to visit a female friend at her house. The door was unlocked and we knew each other well enough to let ourselves in.
I heard the shower running.
I anticipated an awkward situation. I didn’t want her coming out of the bathroom undressed, and I didn’t want to scare the crap out of her by banging on the bathroom door when she thought she was alone in the house.

So I went to her stereo and put on Orchard Road by Leo Sayer at a reasonable volume.
Since there was no-one else on the planet who would possibly choose to put that song on, she knew I was there and it was all okay.
It could have been creepy, but she said hearing it was ‘nice.’

Obviously still remember it 25 years later.

Ohhhhhh, 9 to 5 would have shat me.
I thought O Fortuna was decent.
This was the mix…

…but it was a very rural crowd and meant to get them out.

The bar I worked at had You Can Call Me Al for a number of years. After that it was 9 To 5 (Morning Train) by Sheena Easton.

The uni pub always had Slice of Heaven by Dave Dobbyn. Eight years since I worked there and I still hate it.

I used to play The Day You Went Away or O Fortuna at 3am.
Very different songs with the same intent, to clear the room.

A bar I used to work at a while back used to play ‘New York, New York’ by cranky Franky as its last song (which was a little weird considering it was an Irish bar).

Then September 11 happened, and New York New York was quietly shelved.

Wim that’s the worst story I’ve ever heard

I will forever associate the opening riff of Place Your Hands by Reef with the feeling of it being 2:15am and nearly knock off time. Every Wednesday night at the uni pub I worked at, hearing that song was an indication that it was the transition from “club bangers” to “pub classics”, closing time was near, and it was time to start emptying the bins and restocking the fridges. The DJ didn’t deliberately put it on at that exact time, but it was never far off.

I sense you’re conflicted.

Call her.

Call her now.

did she change the cassette over to MC Hammer - You Can’t Touch This?

Oh dear.

Leo Sayer , guaranteed Friendzone music.

I went out with a girl who turns out was a bit messed up. All she ever listened to was Tracy Chapman. I would know the songs if I heard it, probably not a horrible song, but once I started listening to the words, and the frequency at which it was played, I was like ‘okkkkkkaaaay, How am I gonna extricate myself from here?’

Would have been Fast Car, I reckon.
It’s a bit of a save the princess song, but it doesn’t end well.
Funnily enough, that was in my friend’s collection as well.

Also, you guys are just…just awful.

I went out with this chick who loved Fat Bottomed Girls. it didn’t last very long.

I had a girlfriend once who loved the song S&M by Rhianna. That was a very fun time :stuck_out_tongue: