Tell us what you really think of the 2018 Annual Report

looks like we are doing ok $$$

Bombers record profit

Essendon Football Club is delighted to announce a net operating profit of $2,321,871 for the 2018 financial year.

The club’s cash profit was $5.7 million, before amortisation and depreciation. This includes donations and other one-off items of $1.7million.

At 31 October 2018, the net assets of the club were $36.1 million, compared with $32.5 million in 2017. The Bombers also increased their overall record membership figure to 79,318, almost 12,000 greater than the previous year.

View the Bombers’ 2018 financial report

Additionally, the club took another step forward reducing its borrowings from $6.9 million to $3.9 million.

Chief Executive Xavier Campbell said the club was pleased to have recorded strong consecutive profits in as many years.

“We have a very clear and strategic plan in place. It’s a significant outcome and our cash profit of nearly $5.7million puts us in a strong position,” Campbell said.

“Our members and supporters continue to be at the forefront of our organisation. Our membership grew by just under 12,000 year-on-year, which reflects the incredible support we have from our loyal fan-base. This also contributed to a significant uplift in terms of net revenue which remains important for our football club’s growth.

“We have taken important steps to reduce our debt. While there will be some further borrowings associated with our facility expansion over the next two years, the position we have got to and our strong cash flows mean that we will be able to keep it at a manageable level.

“Strategic investment across all areas of our business remain a priority through areas such as our men’s and women’s football programs, as well as next generation academies and our strategy investments division. They remain vitally important pillars for our long-term growth as an organisation.

“The upcoming season provides an exciting opportunity for our football club to continue its pursuit of on-field success, and the first step of our 2019 campaign will commence next week with our full playing list returning for pre-season.”

Key points of the Club’s 2018 financial result:

  • Net operating profit of $2.3 million and cash surplus of $5.7 million.
  • Membership revenue increased by $1.6 million as a result of the membership tally increasing from 67,768 to 79,318.
  • The Club reduced its borrowings from $6.9 million to $3.9 million year-on-year.
  • Net assets of the Club were $36.1 million, compared with $32.5 million in 2017.
  • Net increase of $0.8 million in marketing revenues, including sponsorships and match-day revenues.
  • Significant additional investment into the club’s AFL football program and inaugural VFLW team.
  • Additional investment into the club’s football Next Generation Academies.

and financial report pdf is here:


Wasn’t sure at first whether “record” was used as a noun or a verb.


The profit is nice and a testament to the great job of the administration and the supporters, sponsors etc sticking fat through a dark time but the core business is football and IMO that’s been a failure for over a decade (yes, I know the saga didn’t help). I take little joy in recording a big profit, would take much more joy from seeing the core business improve to a level where we’re recording big wins in big games and finals.


How much from pokies? Asking for a friend


From report p16, venue revenue- food and liquor nearly $5m, venue revenue- other- about $8.3m, venue expenses about $11m

Despite being spun very well, revenue is down and expenses are up, cash profit down almost $800k on last year which is a massive drop despite an increased net profit of $1.6m out of membership alone.

Not a great result tbh


Without the pokies we would have broken even?

That’s the one I have to organise.

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From that my guess is pokies plus food and liquor at venues net profit around $2.3m

Go easy Hanrahan, received $3m less in donations than last year. Admittedly admin expenses are bulging a little, but I still reckon we are better overall given we can’t rely on annual gifts.

Which can be almost entirely attributed to less money from the AFL and less from pokies.

We actually had less revenue on pokies that last year.

You looked much deeper than I did and by those figures you’re absolutely correct, the result is ok. I guess many things are skewed by the impact of the saga but I’m a little old fashioned in that I want our core business to be much better than it has been over the last fifteen or so years but that’s not to undersell the financial trading of the club. I’m absolutely certain we will see a big spike in revenue if our core business product delivers what we all want and used to expect.

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Yep, have been doing this one for the last few years. It’s great.

I think a few other Blitzers do as well @simmo41 (maybe?)

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Yeah I do that. Feels too good to be true, really.

-edit- The idea of a crossover existing between MCC members and North fans is pretty funny

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Revenue dropped mainly due to donations
Pokies revenue down
AFL distribution down
The only revenue drops we should be concerned about is the merchandise and match day receipts although match day receipts is a very very minor drop


implied in original post