Tennis player goes ape in the US



Is that lineswoman related to Lindsay Thomas? 

Well he did deserve to default the match because that is silly, but yeah, seriously, that hurt her?!  I have hit myself harder in my own leg while serving and kept going as though nothing happened.

"Most disgraceful thing you'll ever see on a tennis court"




Forfeit match for throwing racquet?


Well yes cause it bounced. Shouldn't have thrown it.


Worth an article?



Jetta would be fined for that.


Twice, once for each of them.

"tennis player goes ape"


open article


see black guy



Pretty sure some female player did a similar thing a year or so ago in an ITF tournie.

Also surprised this wasn’t about that ■■■■■■ fraud serena lance williams.

whats the problem with Serena. champion player. 

Likes running away from drug testers. Don’t get me started :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn't she have a "hiding" room in her house to wait out the drug testers?

The definitions of the words "most" and "disgraceful" have changed since I was a kid woke up this morning.

yeah most disgraceful thing i've seen on a tennis court was someone getting stabbed.

pretty sure it was the day they gave jim courier a microphone

Tennis player, Darian King admits his frustration was caused by a failure to see justice prevail in the Essendon vs. ASADA case. He was quoted by saying "There's a point where you just give up, when you have guilty individuals like James (Hird), that aren't willing to accept punishment - you just crack, that's why I threw my racket today, not because I lost the point, but because there is no way Hird is innocent." King closed the press-conference with this closing comment "I take full responsibility for my actions, and I think Hird should do the same." 


These statements have seen Mr King's position in the ATP tournament reinstated, and become the recipient of a free-pass to the semi-finals. 


We attempted to get a word from Mr. Hird, but we were quickly whisked away by security.