Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ


Is that right? I hadn’t heard that


This is probably going to be a naive post and feel free to ridicule - but why do people even need to be able to buy guns?


Just scuttlebutt cannot confirm.


No ridicule from me. I’m with you


right. would make sense. extremist views arent welcome, but you have to tolerate and condemn them. Jacinda Ardern strikes me as an intelligent woman who would choose her words carefully.

Ban guns absolutely, there purpose is to kill.

But unless you debate and discuss all opinion you cant make it evident how sick and twisted it may be.

I heard her words on political views not welcome in New Zealand or anywhere in the world. Comments were spot on.

this Christchurch terror attack to me demonstrates evil has no colour and can be harboured in all places.

finally people may realise terror can come as easily from a white middle class westerner as much as it can come from people of an african/middle eastern/south east asian descent etc.

it would make perfect sense there is a white problem in Australia or New Zealand. because the population is overwhelmingly white.

And whilst victim blaming like that nutjob australian politician is abhorrent, it is when poorly educated groups of different ethinic/race or general difference with a particular propensity for violence(eg some men) are poorly mixed that tensions occur.

Throw in guns and the absolute worst happens.

Love and Education is the only answer to this. Sure control migration and ban guns but only in the context of those first two things.

I grew up in country Australia. I know how racist it can be through ignorance.

I have plenty of male friends who were raised in single sex schools and know how sexist it can be through ignorance.

And I know plenty of people with a very poor religious education and I know how intolerant they can be, through ignorance.

We could heal society today through love, education and removal of condoned segregation.

I’d ban single sex schools, religious schools(and replace with a broad religious education across all Faith in schools),slowly increase migration to country areas and faith in humankind to see past their differences when they live together.

And no I am not some socialist idealist.

this sort of action is what is whats needed after horrible acts like this.


“Love and education”. Well put. Couldn’t agree more.


Her speech last night was actually brilliant.

From about 2:30 for the good stuff. This is the epitome of compassionate but also strong leadership. One of the best few minutes of political speeches I can remember


Some will say “protection” which is bullshit, but anyway.
Others will say they are hunters (cant stand that but anyway)
Others will say “why not?”.

I’ve never owned a gun or even fired one at a shooting range*, I couldn’t even tell you where you would find a shooting range. I see absolutely zero need for them, they are used for a single purpose only and that is to kill something. I will never understand the fascination with them

*paintball doesn’t count


How is the video still available on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube???


Did this guy drive to the second mosque and shoot that up as well?


That is my understanding



Now that we have a home grown terrorist who has killed 49 people, the likes of Dutton and Morrison might temper their fear-mongering about the refugee medivacs and immigration.
We introduced visas for New Zealanders because of their laxer immigration checks which allowed criminals to enter Australia. Might now be calls for NZ to impose visas on Australians.


Melissa Davey of the Guardian was on her way to Christchurch to get some release from her work on the Pell trial.
She is now reporting from Christchurch, drove from Dunedin after flights were cancelled.
She had also covered the Norwegian massacres.
My admiration for journalists!


Only 6 months ago the Victorian LNP ran an election campaign on fear, hate and anger towards Africans and muslims.

They had no intent on promoting their policies.
They’re only intent was telling people to stop going out after dark… and that we need to get tough on Africans and muslims.

These political campaigns are cheap, are damaging, and breeds anger, hatred and separation between groups of people.

The conservatives have reinforced white supremacists when they don’t condemn their rallies, and give political preference votes to the far-right and fundamentalist nut jobs.

There is no room for hate, fear and separation in society, and ESPECIALLLY not in the Australian governement.


Its digressing, but really that is all to do with cost.

Our borders are all but open to the right economic migrants.


False flag being promoted by Rush Limbaugh and others.


Wonder how it’s going for those courting the Shooters Party in the NSW State elections.
And for the Nationals Deputy leader pressing for relaxation of gun laws


I guess it rates mentioning, but I wish I hadn’t looked.
Devastatingly disappointing.


But how can they say that this time when there is graphic footage of actual people getting actually shot on the internet - filmed and seen in real time?