Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ



Kid should press charges


He will be the one that gets charged.


And so he should - kid looked far too pleased with himself…


Suggest you would need to break it down to deaths by registered firearms, type of firearm then terrorist killings with registered firearms.
Christchurch information t o date suggests registered firearms


I think its more the nature of the guns you can buy here.

No doubt shootings can happen, but you cannot go on a rampage like this nutter did in NZ without a semi automatic weapon.

No doubt he may have chosen to commit his crime in NZ because of their lax gun laws.


As far as I know, and @Heffsgirl would know more, it’s not illegal to smash an egg on someone, and Anning hit first. But doing that to a public offical might hold different penalties


whos @Heffsgirl egged?


It’s farking assault.
Whether you agree with the kid or not, legally he physically attacked someone.
And with an object.
And from behind.


Annings been assault society with his opinions whilst benefiting from his seat.


There is no formal registration of firearms. They have a licensing system for owners but no registration of specific rifles etc


Anning is a nasty, petty scumbag.


Yes, “but does anyone now doubt the link between fkwit politicians and violence?”

Nice one, Fraser.






AA, annings goons probably have something to answer for.

barely see the cops go this hard anymore.


Change the gun laws. No handguns, limited access to shotguns, and all rifles to be single shot bolt action would be a good start. Every weapon from a pocket knife up registered. And serious checks (including mental health) on owners every few years for as long as they hold permission to have weapons.

That’ll do for a start.

You’d hope not.


May vary from State to State, but certainly in Victoria , it is compulsory to register a firearm and a registry of firearms is maintained.
ABS may collect data.


It’s good that he had his goon thugs on hand so he didn’t have to get his hands dirty beating up a kid with a dangerous egg


Don’t think he could have anyway. Those ‘haymakers’ he threw at the kid were downright embarrassing.


Poor egg had the displeasure of being cracked on someone like Anning. Deserved better.