Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ


I’m sorry but that could’ve been a knife. The idiot politician was using his mouth with words that stupid kid used violence. Typical of the left


Religion has no place, full stop


Yeah, but it wasn’t… it was an egg… the sort of thing we used to throw at each other as kids on the last day of school…something that is clearly harmless and couldn’t be mistaken for anything else.

Yeah, you should be sorry for making such a stupid comment… ‘that kid used violence’. Yeah, so violent.
I’m sorry for taking the time to respond to a clown


Surely not?

Dogs, one & all.


Honestly at first I just wanted to put Anning through the ordeal of defending himself from the charges, but seeing how those thugs dealt with him, 100% think he should lay charges.


Taking a long walk.
Quite a very long walk.


the kids got a fairly high profile lawyer offering to defend him.


What concerns me is that someone will see this, see the social media reception the kid has got, and try repeat it or worse still, one-up it.

I despise Fraser Anning, I despise everything he stands for. But I certainly don’t condone that kids actions.


“We start carrying semi-automatics, they buy automatics. We start wearing Kevlar…they buy armor-piercing rounds.”

  • Commissioner Gordon


Made sure he had his phone camera positioned correctly to capture his 15 mins of fame.


Some other idiot politicians throughout history have just used words themselves, and others have been empowered by those words and have committed horrible atrocities.

But yeah a kid standing up to a racist bigot who is pedalling ultra right views that have no place in society…that is the problem.


Yes, the kid with the egg posting to social media, not the adult with the gun, is who we really should be concerned about… got it.


You’d agree eggs are better than bullets?


Since when is it a dichotomy?

Of course one is worse than the other, but that doesn’t mean you cannot be against both.


Imagine defending a YouTube celebrity. I’ve seen it all.


Thought it was more of a strawman myself.


It’s not a dichotomy. You made a point about a kid throwing an egg in a thread about Australians inciting racial hatred and committing mass murder…

…and you don’t see how talking about how a teenager showed typically poor but harmless judgement is completely irrelevant to such a serious topic.


And here lies the problem


Care to elaborate? I’m keen to hear you try and make a valid argument here, not just throw shade