Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ


True story. Twitter false flags.


freedom of speech is not freedom of consequences.


What a time to be alive.


Garbage. You can’t just say anything you want.


Australia has no such thing as freedom of speech. America does, Australia does not.


There are still limits. Hate speech, defomation, discrimination etc


ThE LeFt




Keep talking back and it’ll be two eggs, sonny jim






Why not? Its in the real world!

Saying religion doesnt belong in school is like saying art history, science has no place.

One of the biggest failings of our public education is not giving Australians some perspective on religion. (you can as a public student study it as an elective, but I think it needs to be mandatory).

I am not BTW talking about taking up a religion… Instead UNDERSTANDING them.

Its just my humble opinion, but I think religion is part of a well rounded education.

I have a great empathy and enough of an understanding of islam judaism, christianity, buddhism hinduism etc to appreciate their place in the world.

Plenty of Australians have zero idea. And that is a failing of our school system.


I’m gonna crack two eggs on you, give you a couple of slices of avocado and charge you 19 dollars

… b/tch


I’m tuning out of politics. It’s just toxic. It’s actually depressing.


Maybe you don’t have a strong grasp of the ramifications of your wishes.



@Mendozaaaa drink


Everyone would be far better off if there was no religion. Ridiculous that wars are fought and death arises from fairytales. I find it staggering that grown adults are conned into believing something that is about as real as the tooth fairy


you know a situation is ■■■■■■ when known contrarian diggers is calling you out.


Actual journalists.