Tesla just changed everything


Pretty sure BMW announced similar a couple weeks back.

Either way it's game over for big oil


They have but it's a bold move. Not sure what it's like over there but there are only a handful of charging locations around Perth and along the way to significant regional areas but that's it. You'll be right with a hybrid but there isn't the infrastructure for a mass migration to full electric. And you know what they say, "Never go full electric".



I hope so....■■■■■■ expensive here lol


Battery tech and i guess generation (solar/kinetic) needs to move forward several generations very fast to make electric cars viable for anyone but city i don't travel more than 5ks types.


Maybe Volvo know something we don't?


Basically just need companies to start investing their entire R&D departments into it rather than a sliver.

tech will get expedited like computers in the last 15 years.


Something like - instead of sitting around for 30mins charging up your car (plus waiting in line) minimise the tech to module sized units, and your ‘refilling’ stations would work like it does for Gas - drop in the empties, insert the refills…


The tech is getting better.

The Renault Zoe went from 110km range to 220km range in 3 years.

Charge time went from 8 hours (with a standard UK house plug) to 3 hours in 3 years.

The joy of electric vehicles is the information coming from real world usage is also better.


GM (Chev) also already has an all electric car (Volt) doing numbers that the Tesla 3 are claiming, 300+ miles per charge, they've had it for while now but never really took off here and is no longer offered in Aus.


What was the cost of one? Probably your answer why it didn't sell.


getting there..


I 2nd that.


I'm so happy.


Sorry my bad, the Volt was a Hybrid and yes was way over priced at $53k..........GM does have an all electric car though, the Bolt which matches the Tesla 3's claimed range, acceleration etc. but has not, nor ever been available here. It was however designed here go figure


Not sure if srs

My cousin lived in the far south of tassie, about 40 minutes from Hobart, had a Nissan Leaf and does a 60km round trip each day. Puts her car on charge once every two nights when it's garaged. Says he has day tripped it to Launceston, and the leaf ain't as good as any of the current Teslas




When it comes to gullible investors with access to cash, then Musk could not have picked a better mark than the SA Government.


Cool story bro.


Not that I would want to be seen as agreeing with you, $65 million for a battery that gives 30,000 homes power for under two hours.

What am I missing ?


I didn't think all of the problem was power supply, it was the way the energy companies are able to bill in certain blocks of time, and that by changing the way in which they are able to bill would remove some of the cost to consumers.