Test your IQ (again)

Long ago I asked bomberblitzers to solve a puzzle. A puzzle with only ONE possible answer.

I was astonished that when I revealed the answer, the only possible answer in any sane use of the English language, that there were blitzers who refused to agree and even wanted to argue incessantly about it.

@Mero got the right answer and explained articulately how he arrived at it. But still the arguing continued.

I want to know how blitzers will go now after all these years.

Ready? Here goes…

A man walks into a room.
On the wall of the room there is a portrait of a man.
The man walks up to the portrait, points at the man in the portrait and says the following:-

"Brothers and sisters, I have none, and that man’s father is my father’s son."

Question: Who is the man in the portrait?

The man himself?

My fathers son = me
Ergo -That mans father is me

Therefore the man in the photo is the son of the man.


His son?


I’ll wait a while before I give the answer. :wink:

My brain hurts

His son.

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His kid?

Yep his son


Frankenstein’s monster (the doctor was called Frankenstein)

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How about I give the answer after, what, 25 replies? Yeah?

Darren Bewick?

His son.

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Just don’t ask those of us who are wrong to count to 25 for you…

I know what makes sense.
If you do it like two parts of a maths problem, and solve the second part first.


The man is God?


His son

Don’t get sidetracked by nuff nuffs

Gary Ablett Junior?

Oops too late!