Testing Poll

  • McGrath
  • Bellchambers
  • Parish
  • Langford
  • Smith
  • Daniher
  • Merrett
  • Gleeson
  • Goddard
  • Francis

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You forgot Heppell

just seeing if there is a way you can do the game votes via a poll with a vote value

Even if it is just a test, 10 should be Darren Bewick


wont let me edit it after 5 mins. booo

I experimented a while back, … and I think the only way you can do it,… is a full Game day squad list posted 5 (or 3, whatevz) times seperately, … each asking for your 5 vote getter choice, then 4 3, etc.

You’d then just multiply each players votes by 5 etc.

yeah. doesnt look like there is a way of putting a value to each choice in the one poll
guess it needs to be a request to the bulletin board developers, whoever that is. Is this running phpbb?

This should be a poll.

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Should this thread on polls be a poll?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Both of the above

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Where’s your maybe option?

I hope this poll is as exciting as the real poll.

Should there be a maybe option?

  • YES
  • NO

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Maybe…but then you could consider a “Possibly” option as well

Is @swoodley pushing their luck?

  • YES

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Maybe, possibly, he might be, there’s a chance that he is

All good options for a poll

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A bit of a ridiculous way of doing it would be to put every player on a poll 3 times and give people 6 options to pick. There is then a chance people would give 2 players 3 votes though