That _ONE_ Player?


Ok…, inspired by a post in the “Other Games” thread…

If you could snag just one player to throw into the current EFC mix, … who would it be??

Will let the thread roll for a week to ten days, … take a count, . & put the top 5 into a poll.

My vote?? ^^… I reckon Toby here would compliment Zerrett et al, in a very special way.


Dangerfield without question


Dusty would be the perfect fit for us


The Bont


Jasper Pittard


Robbie Grey


Danger or Dusty - probably Dusty (in my mind a better ball user)

They would literally propel us into flag favorites.

That is a. how highly I rate these 2 and
b. how I feel we are one gun inside bull mid away from having it all

I am also hoping one of francis, langford, begley turns into somewhat of the bull I want.


Bill Duckworth circa September 1984.


Tim Watson or Merv Neagle


l like the way Dylan Shiel plays, but would probably go for Bontimpelli.


After watching tonight’s game, more convinced on Kelly.

Clean, composed.



Would fix all of our problems imo. All of them.


They’re all going to pick flavor of the year or current o.o pick. Danger or Dusty but I would take Dan Hannebery. With an average of 30.8 possessions in 26 games last year, Dusty and Danger can eat it!




He and selwood single. Handedly make Geelong not a bottom r side.


One player from now until the end of the season? Dangerfield.


Nice sentence.

What, did @ivan hack your account?


Michael Hibberd


Devon Smith.


Trying to take back my Coner crown

Nah switched to a different keyboard on the phone and the full stops in a weird spot and Im too lazy to self correct.