That’s the thing about football

LRB track not specifically a footy song.
Just works so well with the late 70’s/early 80’s highlight reel.


The Paul Kelly one

It’s an ad, but a catchy tune.
Remember this one being played a lot on the state of the art (pfft) VFL Park scoreboard…

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This was from when Dennis used to barrack for the new WA team, Morphett described every torp as a “Booming kick” and Ian Collins and Fop Scott loved slagging off umpires. Scott slagged everyone off really. Awful song has high nostalgia.



There’s a thread for that.
It’s awesome.

Or obliterating Geelong in the 92 gf

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I like this but it’s a rip-off of

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That’s pretty funny socks, like channel 7 commentators are some sort of staunch wartime allies who answered the call. Not people getting paid to watch and talk about footy. Nice that Platten dressed up for the commemoration of 7’s heroic stand.

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I can’t find it but the 93 Brownlow had a clip for highlights of the year with even better than the real thing as the background music.
It was pump up stuff to the max as they showed a little sequence of wanganeens crazy marks of the year.
Great thread by the way.

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There was a song from the early 90s (I think) that went through each of the teams with something catchy;

ie. Stop your boasting the Saints have arrived, you’ll all be sorry when we make the 5
We’re the high flying Bombers from Windy Hill, we’re the toughest, we’re the team that’s gonna kill.

Good times.

This ones always worth a spin,


I never knew that

Hilarious irony.

If you don’t want to know the scores, look away now
riiiiight on the tip of my tongue


Second-hand patriotism. I guess it’s nice we got some fauna into our version (in fact the kangaroo could make the meat pie and the footy).

This used to get a massive airing in my house when I was a kid (parents are right-wing, obviously, I didn’t control the radio). I reckon 25 years later I can still say the names of the teams in order

Edit: try to move past the horrid Tony Shaw pic if you can


Fucken hell the Cameron Ling shot should come with an advisory warning.


His face is made for radio.
Pity about the voice though.
Oh, and the mindless drivel that adds nothing to the commentary.