The 2014 Positivity Thread - Negitive posts instabanned

What are the positives to come out of 2014?


Hooker now an a grade key defender

Joe coming along nicely

Heppell now legit elite

Youngsters like Zerrett showing a lot

Recruiting Chappy



The wins against Collingwood, Carlton and Richmond.

They were nice.

pies and fark carlton are ■■■■■

Hooker and Hep definitely.

Got some games into Gleeson who looks good.

Joe will be a star

Ambrose looks a likely sort

Zac Merrett

Paddy found consistency

Carlisle and Hurley both showed they can be effective at both ends

Finished 7th considering

  • Lost to two of the top four teams by 11 points combined
  • No Watson for half a year
  • Had little continuity in the forward line for the majority of the season


Ambrose came along nicely.

Zaka played a sensational 3-4 game patch in Jobe's absence.

Record memberships

Hooker, Heppell, Baguley and Zac Merrett.

Daniher is set to be a powerhouse next year.


Hooker - Great decision from him wanting to stay and prove himself, rather than be traded back to WA

Colyer - Most improved player. Elite kicking and now adds 1-2 goals a game

Heppell - Gun midfielder

Chappy - Still has the hunger and desire to play

Zerrett - This kid can play

JD - Send him back to Ungarie for a pre-season on the family farm

Daniher/Carlisle showed signs of being monster forwards

Heppel became a superstar

Hurley was brilliant, very underrated season


Zerrett's disposal

Chappy's output

The improvement of Bags

The Return of the King

Zaha's middle portion of the season

Hooker's consistency


That's about it



what Jerrett showed in the first half of the year

Fact that steak knives got a game

winderlich going round again

made finals

Joes Development, need big preseason

Ambrose came from no where.

Heppell close to Elite. and most valuable at Essendon

Hooker and Hurley combined in defensive partnership.

Backline looked solid without D Fletcher in most games he missed later in the year (apart from final 2)

Improved defence and midfield this year.

Carlisle had 2 great games up forward, will get confidence from this.

Orazio looks like he has some talent and awareness.

Did the right thing moving on bradley and gumbleton with their retirements.

Gleeson was good early in the year, and forced his way back into the team for a final.

Back 6 of Bags, Hooker, Fletch, Hibberd, Hurley, Dempsey is top class.

Hooker, Heppell, Baguley and Zac Merrett.
Daniher is set to be a powerhouse next year.

Bags, yep. Definitely a positive, took his game to another level. No longer have to worry about the opposition small forward smashing us.

The season's positives:


- Heppel becoming an elite mid

- Hooker now the best CHB in the league

- Ryder's best season to date

- Hurley dominating down back

- Baguley is a gun

- Joe D showing signs of what he could be. Also improving his goal kicking

- Our defence being ranked in the top 4 in the comp

- Winderlichs last half of the year

- Colyer resurrecting his career

-Zerret being our best first year player since Heppel

- Buckets overcoming a form slump early in the season and kicking 8 against the Dogs

- Emergence of Paddy Ambrose

- Smashing Carlton, Collingwood and Richmond

- Being the first team to crack the Portress

-Bomber Thompson's coaching and his press conferences


Just off the top of my head.



Angry at myself for not pointing out bags,


Great point Rosso. Gone are the days when someone like like Fasolo or Betts would kick 6. Bags shuts them right out now.

We still only lost the final by 12 points. A much better showing than previous years.


A-grade defence and once we have a fit and firing Daniher with Carlslile then yeah ■■■■ will roll.



Bags is a tackling machine!

- Carlisle kicked 8 goals in a match, so he CAN play forward.


- Daniher has shown a lot more than we thought we'd see in his first 20 odd games


- Heppel has taken the next step, he is now a bona fide A-grade mid.


- The Merrets and Paddy Ambrose will keep getting better and better


- Our defense is pretty damn good, lead by Hooker and Hurley.


- Fletch might go around again


- Bomber Thompson coached us for a year. Even if he doesn't stay at the club, our players will have learnt valuable lessons from him.


- We took on ASADA in court, and showed that the investigation was predetermined to find us guilty, as was instructed from the AFL.

2 All Australian squad members. Heppell elevated his game. Ryder career best season. 4th best side defensively. Hibberd, Bags, Carlisle all improved. Joe Daniher kicked 4 in a final. Licka put games together.

Heaps of positives. Roll on 2015.

The new training facilities are a big win.


And I think we can say we survived one of our years of draft sanctions ok.

didn't get booted out of finals