The 2018 Benfti "in absentia" Hype thread


Does this mean we should boo Ben every time he posts on this forum? :laughing:

That brings me to another thing. I have attended quite a few VFL games that Tippa played in, I have been to all but 1 Melbourne AFL game in the 3 years he has played in the AFL.

I have never ever heard anyone boo Tippa.

I have talked to him at EFC functions and he is the most modest, sincere person you could meet . However he does line up opposition players and hits very hard, always within the rules but never late.

By now I would have expected some of the racist people in the crowds to boo him or call out offensive things.
Has anyone encountered abuse or offensive comments about Tippa from crowds at footy matches?. I would be appalled. I along with many many other fans just love Tippa.


WTF are you looking for evidence of racism against Tippa at the footy, when there’s nothing to suggest it’s happened? What a sad thing to pointlessly focus on

And WTF has it got to do with Benfti?


Sorry if I touched a nerve. I am interested. Is that a crime? Is calling racism out a bad thing ?


I would have thought he’s suggesting that on the occasions that indigenous players are booed, it’s because of their general unseemly behaviour on the field, rather than the colour of their skin or the aggression with which they play.


How can you call out something that only exists hypothetically? Should I be worried about someone spitting on Francis because they don’t like redheads?


Now we are getting into that whole tree in the forest stuff.

Here’s the quandary. If it did happen, it would be immeasurably hurtful to him, but on the other hand it should not be swept under the carpet if it did happen.

I am pleased that in his 66 games it has never happened. But on balance I don’t propose to say any more on the matter.


Personally, I am farkin outraged and that this might happen someday and/or time in the future. How farkin dare they???


Why are we talking about racism in a Benfti thread??


Quick search on the players mentioned in op

Season 2018:
Sambano 19gls 8games neafl (injured most of second half of the season. 6 and 4 goal hauls)

I milera 14gls 13 games sanfl

Grant 0 (no games for nt thunder)

Tere Teio-Yarran 0 no wafl record

Taryce Stewart wafl 4 games 6 goals

Jake Patmore (port pick 58) sanfl 16games twice in best

Gordon Narrier (Kangas rookie - delisted) 15 games 9goals vfl.

cody ninyette wafl 16games 26 goals 13disp AVG


l will miss the benfti thread this year. In the past it has provided a welcome distraction from the other threads that proliferate during the trade season, populated by all manner of rumour mongers, and hype so thick, you can walk on it. They did serve to get my hopes up each year, only to be dashed.


I boo Ben and Boot every time they post.

It encourages them to work harder.


So Ben’s a double agent now?
Oh well off to the cannon he goes :rofl:


So are we doing this here? Any names to consider?

Here’s an article from last December about NT prospects for this year


Some names Taken from big footy…

Izak Rankine, S.A. , 23-4-2000, 180cm 76 kg, general forward;
Ian Hill, W.A. 9.2.00. 176cm 70kg, forward -outside mid.
Tarryn Thomas, Tas. 25.3.00. 189cm 68kg balanced midfielder. (North Academy Top 10-20)
Michael Mummery, N.T. 13.6.00 185cm 87kg balanced mid - forward.
Sydney Stack. w.A. 28.4.00. 179cm 72kg. mid- forward.
Jason Carter W.A. 11.1.00 185cm 76kg outside mid.
Irving Mosquito. Vic. 24.4.00 174cm. small forward. (Hawthorn Academy)
Rodney Baird. N.T. 9.3.99. 192cm defender.
Liam Holt-Fitz. N.T. 7.8.00. 174cm. 65kg. Small forward.
Dominic Grant. N.T. 21’.9.99 189cm. 77 kg. Inside mid.
Adam Sambono N.T. 24.4.97. 184cm. 69kg. Forward. (Benfti might have mentioned him before)
Francis Kinthari. N.T. 178cm Small Forward
Michael Coombes. Vic. 21 180cm 86kg Mid-defender
Jarrod Cameron W.A. 18 yrs 180cm 69kg small fwd


Wait, this year’s draft group were born in '00?


Yeah. There’s a reasonable chance this year we get our first player who wasn’t born last time we won a flag.


Unlikely to fall to our first pick, assuming it hasn’t been traded.


So who is @benfti working for?

Now we may know what his “dreams of exile” were about.



Russian mob


Vanilla Ice