The 2018 Benfti "in absentia" Hype thread


I like that benfti has created such a demand for indigenous talent reporting, to the extent that Blitz is doing it without him once he’s had to drop out.


It’s hard to resist, Irving Mosquito has my full hype this year.


Does that mean you are working for Hawthorn?


I reckon a racehorse could carry 65kg.


Any idea where Grant or Teio-Yarran got to this year? Playing footy? Injured? The comparison of Teio-Yarran to Devon Smith means a bit more now :slight_smile:


Cody Ninyette 20yo, 175cm, 72kg, SF/HFF, 1.6 goals/g, 3.1 tackle,
Marlion Pickett 26yo, 183cm, 85kg, MID, 21.2 disposals, 0.7 goals, 4.5 tackles
Matt Parker 23yo, 187cm, 80kg, SF/HFF, 1.4 goals, 4 tackles
Shane McAdam 23yo, 181cm, 80kg, SF/HFF, 1.8 goals


No, but I would outbid them for him in a heartbeat


He sounds good but his height 174cm, thats like Alwyn Davey Height isn’t it.
He would need to be fast.


save all the good black fullas for us BEN and whatever ■■■■ show your working for, take a Richard Tambling


I’d imagine, Ben, being up in Qld and with Suns/Lions having Academy rights to all the indigenous kids in the state, that one of them would have reached out and brought in a few more people to create a more comprehensive talent ID program capable of looking at all candidates and their individual developmental needs in a footballing and non-footballing sense. So my money would be on one of them.


Grant was listed in the NT thunder squad but records show he didn’t play any neafl games. Don’t know if he is still injured.

Can’t find any mention of Teio-Yarran in any wafl stats.

Sambano looks like he was going well with 6 and 4 goal hauls in the neafl. However he only played first 9 games, so I assume he got injured.


My suspicion is that @benfti is Emma Quayle.


So the guy called Irving Mosquito is a midget. Fantastic

That’s better than Orazio Fantasia… maybe


Didn’t they appear on on Blitzcast eps together?


Not that sort of role, I consulted on process to help kids from communities settle into city life. NGA stuff


Not sure how that is a conflict of interest. Just tell us about all of them, and that will make it fair for everyone.




Adrian Wilson (SANFL)


I don’t think they have access to all indigenous kids in Queensland. Its only if they grow up in their academy areas isn’t it???


I guess because I have got to know a lot of personal info about thus years crop it’s probably best remaining pragmatic.