The 2018 Benfti "in absentia" Hype thread


Qld, parts of NT


But only their academy sections, right?


Oh don’t tell me that. I thought you always knew a lot of personal info.

Seriously though, I hope the role is working out the way you wanted it too. Without really knowing you, it seems as if it aligns with the type of role you’ve always wanted.


More than usual,

It was short term, coz I’m highly likely moving south in the next 6 months.

And yeah, if we end up back in Melbourne I’m totally going to hit the club up.


Mentioned it earlier Ben, would be great for you to give a post mortem of the draft. Who got drafted that you like, what’s exciting about them. At that point the conflict of interest is probably gone. Makes it interesting to watch as young talent develops across the afl system.


If he’s related to Tim, he would be lightning


Yeah, I can totally do that.


I’m pretty sure the whole of Qld is divided between to two clubs and they have access to essentially everyone provided they can prove that they have contributed to the individuals development via their academy. It includes Indigenous, Multicultural, non-AFL and whiteys too.

Which is different to non-Northern Academies who only get access to Indigenous, Multicultural and, I think non-AFL kids; although I don’t know how that works, considering participation in an AFL academy would technically count as participation in the AFL, wouldn’t it?


Interesting. Are you scouting for Emma and GWS?


How old are Alwyns boys?



This shows a map of who has what areas


The Marsh is waiting for you.


Twins are 14/15, the 3rd is a few years younger and the youngest isn’t even 10 yet.


There’s the centre half forward succession plan in four years time.


Liam Ryan absolutely killed it for WC in the final against Collingwood.

I reckon he could be better than Gaff.

Can we get him please?


We could play one at CHF and the other at FF

Nat Rat’s boy is a similar age - so he’ll be our Ruckman

Fletcher’s 2 boys can then take up FB and CHB and we have our spine set for the next generation


Who were you working for Benfti?




I think the twins are the same age.