The 2018 Benfti "in absentia" Hype thread


I wish we could retrospectively sign him as a zone selection.

He is playing for Tiwi right now.


Its on tv so why would you watch in the heat of the day?


Because you like watching footy?


There is watching sport a smart way and then there is watching sport out in the elements.
Did you see the cricket Pak Vs Aus?
The crowd numbers would be similar at both NT and Dubai Stadium.
But if you like watching sport out in the elements credit to you my friend.


Plenty of people watch country footy in the freezing rain, or in the high thirties.

I don’t think they need credit for doing so.


No they may need something else though…


Do tell.
I’m honestly intrigued.


Look I think the point is watch sport in your own comfort.


But then you’d never know the joy of a fire in a 44 gallon drum.

Oh well, if you want to be weird and stay home all your life, you do you boo.


But i don’t stay home. I pick and choose the games I attend. Mate beers are cheaper and the air con goes along way at a bar with water misters in a ■■■■■■■ hot day, then sitting in the heat at an oval in a dry area ■■■■ that!


I been to a game in the pouring rain and its no fun. It was cold, wet low scoring shitfest


Wait…the ground is a dry area?

Sir, I have done you a disservice.
My apologies.




Yeah that’s why alot of the crowd stay in the air-con/ members bar side. And its like that from Broome across to Cairns. Cops are strict in NT.


In this thread? Really?


Adam Sambono who would he most likely go to?
And what of Neagle now that he has a broken arm?


Surely no one would, … ??

Amended anyway.


Everywhere’s a dry area if you’re 13.


Imo Sambono is up against it to be drafted.

No doubt he is talented, but AFL teams require more defensively from stay at home small forwards and the kid will get snapped in half by a light breeze.

He’ll need to play SANFL, WAFL or VFL to give himself the best chance


As for Neagle, rookie he might be a shot for us depending on spots available. We’re almost certainly taking Fletcher there. Mynott will take a spot and Draper and McNeice may both be kept on the RList too