The 2018 Benfti "in absentia" Hype thread


With only pick 34 in play and a shortage of small forwards, I’m going to make a prediction…

We are going to take a @benfti special.

And he won’t be able to own it because his 2018 scouting role stopped him publishing this year. Will be a hilariously conflicted reaction.


Maybe Ben is trying reverse psychology this year


That did occur to me :joy:


Nah, you have to be clever to do that.


I really hope we pick up a couple, we need to keep the flow of small forward talent coming through. Preferably guys who can make the transition up the field or to HBF as well.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Guelfi is used more like Bags has been.


In defence or attack?


Why not both?

I think he’ll be a VFL onballer fwiw


Neade and Barry delisted by Port…


Someone suggested that Collingwood were sniffing after Neade. Wouldn’t be too surprised if Hawthorn has a sniff too.

I think he’s pretty soft.


Barry unsurprising, Neade I am though, can play, just needs opportunity


Big preseason for Barry last year where he was highly touted, and looked good on a wing. What’s the knock? Too outside


@benfti any truth to the whispers emanating from the North that Cyril has been approached by the Lions?


Nice highlights, but man, he looks like Gary Coleman out there compared to the other guys.


Whatch u talkin about,Nifty?


Good things come in small packages. :blush:


I’ve heard that too


Are these new rumours or just a re-hash of the ones from August?

Back in August it was reported that four clubs approached his manager (Adam Ramanauskas) about whether the he could be lured out of retirement.

Rama said:
“And there has been no further conversation from any of those four clubs. He won’t be playing. He is going to Darwin to live and start the next phase of his life.” Ramanauskas told RSN Radio on Thursday.


Ben would probably know more but I have a mate from my local footy side who moved up there this year to play with the NT Thunder and whilst chatting to him this arvo it came up in conversation. Apparently one of his Grandfathers is ill which has slowed comeback talks down


This is as surprising as something that’s really unsurprising.

It would actually only be a story of note if the rumour was Brisbane hadn’t approached and didn’t intend to, … that would actually be a surprise.