The 2018 Benfti "in absentia" Hype thread


UI hope Rioli has 8 months off.
That might freshen him up. And he might have desire to play again.
Hopefully hawks go down and we go up the ladder.

Then send a Group up over mid season break to Tiwi.
(Hooker, Shiel, Sheedy, Jake Long, Tippa, Heppell, Dodoro.

Dodoro then Picks Rioli up in the mid season draft.
We win finals.


Send Hirdy too. I hear Rioli still has fond memories of training with Hirdy as a 15 yr old.


Hirdy smashed the kid in a tackle drill and broke his collar bone. Never mind.


There is so many sliding doors with that injury, he was actually older than that, he missed a big chunk of his draft year and slid from a projected top 5 pick to the pick that Hawthorn got him at


Hopefully Myers has a better season than Cyril in 2019.

A Norm Smith would be nice.



How many Tippa Essendon have!


Fark me, that’s tough.
From the Tiwis to Ballarat winters.


On the flipside they will be wearing so many layers of clothing the Catholic brothers at St Pats might look elsewhere.


That’s a pretty low blow, man.


Well they are infamous for it.

Happy to delete if it’s too far, which it probably is.




Oh, low blow!


And you thought you were the bad one…


TBH I thought I must have really crossed the line if Deckham is pulling me up on it.


Look no thumbs !!


Are you talking about St. Pats in Ballarat?


St Pats definitely had thumbs.


never saw any when i was there


Me either but I was a day rat and the boarders told a few tales during my time that now raise the eyebrows


i was a boarder and never heard a whispet but that is also 50 years ago