The 2018 Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Awards

The Lunchtime Catch Up Awards Podcast is now available.

Who will win best player in 2018 for Essendon? Listen below to find out. Take this one off episode with a sense of fun.


ITunes link below

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Guelfi two-time winner. :sunglasses:

BTW, today’s VFL win worth a podcast review, no?

We are taking 2-3 weeks off. We do want to do a draft and trade period show

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Would be great to have a VFL final review show.

Anyway, maybe if we make the grand final you could do a post GF one.

I think best game for us was probably Port - They still had finals to play for our midfield belted them, even without a ruck for second half and Francis was sublime.

But best thiller game would have been win over crows, that was a great comeback…on pure talent. with Zerrett knocked out.

Swans win was good too…

But had we beat the Hawks that would probably been it.
would have hurt more though if we missed finals with 13 wins.

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Yeh get the VFL final review desire. Both of us are taking breaks however. We have small trips with families planned.

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Loved it :+1::+1:

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Good to see Nick Hind & The Langford win awards

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Zero commitment to the cast. Seriously, Really enjoyed it guys, look forward to the trade week shows. Cal is very approachable so assuming you will get him on the mic?

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Yeh we discussed him today as someone we will ask

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VFL finals podcast!

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Needs to have special guest @DJR for the VFL finals one.