The 2023 Draft Thread

Hopefully he plays in next week’s Hampden GF and I’ll have a look for myself.

I’ve been a big fan of George Stevens for our 2nd pick, but with every game I see Charlie Edwards play he has impressed.

Todays game so far has just about won me over completely, good size, has zip out of traffic, seems to think through things fast and well. No real glaring weakness.


Yeah, I’m a Charlie Edwards fan boi, also Charlie is a great name to cheer for at the footy. Fark Carlton



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What about Daniel Curtin? 195cm, 93 kilos, averages 24 possies a game half of them contested?

Could we trade up to get him or is he a top 3?

Callinan 3 Goals again, Leake 2 and McKercher 1 goal. Shame Tassie lost.

For Eastern Nick Watson only 1 goal.
But he will be in the grand final and could kick a bag. Sounds like Moraes played well. 2 goals and plenty of footy.


Were we ever a chance for Tom Green. Damn that lad is good!

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no GWS academy


I forgot Curtain. I don’t know enough about his midfield craft and characteristics.

sounds like you want Harley Reid

We shoulda backed a truck load of cash his managers way when he was coming out of contract.

Has been obviously good since draft day

We could have bid on his brother Josh, then used that to bring him across.
with them both at Giants, hard to see him leaving.

hard to argue we didnt need that size coming through.
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So one draft watcher on BigFooty has us picking up Darcy Wilson with our first pick. Not sure if this kid is a ‘best available’ or fills a specific list need. Does anyone know what he is like as a player?

If you search his name in this thread you will get a whole lot of chats about him.


see here @whereswalla


Definitely sounds like someone we need.

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Sounds like a solid enough citizen.

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Not enough half back flanker who could graduate to a mid for me thanks. :-1:


Another outside mid. Pass

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Probably should be here.