The 2023 Draft Thread

Wilson runs hard forward and back to plug holes and lays tackles seems like a no brainer


I’d prefer we draft players with rather than without brains.
Even if they risk zombie attack.


Well we sort of need outside run.

We have Caldwell, Parish, Hobbs, Setterfield and in time Tsatas as inside mids.

Delisted Lord as an outside runner and used Kelly late in the season on a wing.

So I think we need outside run and let the young inside mids we have already drafted mature with more time


No, we definitely need more players who can provide some outside class.

We are far too reliant on Martin and Merrett for that at the moment.


Wilson is too small for us, he’s 73kg’s.

He will be great for teams with plenty of grunt to provide that outside run but we need grunt and size before we need a small runner.


Depends if you think we will be challenging next year,
if not pick him and get the weapon to build his body up to AFL size

He won’t be 73kgs in 2027 though. He’s who I’d pick if we keep our current selection, if the draft goes as expected.


True he will probably be 80kg’s

I like his profile. Outside run and good ball use is a priority imo. Wouldn’t be upset if we took him.

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We were 18th for clearances and 16th for contested possession and you think we need outside run as a priority.

Finals are usually won by tough, contested, defensive teams.


We need everything


I will admit I was a tad flat Tassie lost as there was afew more kids I’d have liked to see one more time before the draft.
But Eastern played really good footy and deserved the win.

Moraes is shaping to be a star for mine, played out of his skin yesterday, couldn’t have been more impressive!

Weatherill presented nicely all day and consistently hits the scoreboard, doesn’t get huge numbers or perhaps have the flair and flash but he gets the job done.

Leake was quite good and put his hand up for mine, not afraid of tackling and getting the dirty work done.

I haven’t been onboard with the idea of splitting 8 into multiple teen picks, but I’m warming to the idea.
Would love to land two of Charlie Edwards, James Leake or George Stevens


That’s not really a useful stat. The tigers won in the flag in 2019 finishing 18th/17th and 2020 17th/13th. In fact, melbourne’s the only premier in the last five years to finish top 8 in either contested possessions or clearances averages. Many of those teams have won those stats in finals, for sure, but the season long averages don’t say much.


I have a lot of game footage of him on my channel, and I’ve posted a fair amount of it on here I think.


All stats are overrated and need to be used in conjunction with what you see. There’s always exceptions to most rules.

Of the top 8 this year only Collingwood weren’t in the top 8 for contested possessions and Collingwood Saints and Swans not in the top 8 for Clearances. They are pretty telling stats imo because they are part of the basics of football. Win those stats you are usually in good shape.

Also in Finals the arse drops out of uncontested possessions. The games become a real struggle, usually for both teams, to move the ball and to score.

Is drafting the best tassie kid a good strategy for when they come into the league. Either through a big compo you would get for them leaving or through a trade?

I assume if it’s Collingwood they would get a pile of compo, if it’s us it would be watered down from AFL house.

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Leake is a bit of a lad by the sounds of his exploits off field. good kid though.
He has played in defence and forward, but can he midfield too?, he is not that tall like188cm, so would struggle to hold down a KPP spot at AFL level. Sounds more like that kind of Power forward like Stringer Etc.

my mate who works with the Devils side rates Jack Callinan…If we can get him cheap with a late second or third rounder, I would be on board very classy, kicked more goals than Watson last week in a losing side. He doesn’t get a mention in Cal’s top 30 kicked 3 goals last two games.

sounds like a young Jade Gresham type. Could get him with BZT pick (37/42).

Position: Medium forward
Size: 179cm
Clubs: Tasmania Devils/Clarence

A dynamic small forward who knows where the goals are and is dangerous both in the air and at ground level, while he can also pinch-hit in the midfield. After a disappointing first game for the Allies, Callinan — the son of former Crow Ian Callinan – was exciting across half-forward across the carnival, booting 5.3 and averaging 11 disposals to solidify his first-round chances. Callinan showed off impressive speed, footy nous and class, hence he finished with a competition-high eight score assists. It comes after his dominant start to his draft year in the Coates Talent League, booting 14.1 for Tassie from his first four games.

I love this kid. He may not have the star potential of other second round candidates like Lance Collard, but not every pick has to be a high risk potential home run. I’m very confident his kid will be at least a solid AFL player. His attitude and approach to the game is admirable. Never intimidated or overawed, if anything he seems to have stepped up for Subiaco during their WAFL finals campaign.


I’m well out of the loop, but wasn’t this guy rated really highly a year ago? Maybe I am imagining it, but his name certainly was coming up a lot, but maybe that was purely due to his “name”?


Richmond are an outlier though. Like if you look at the 2019 ladder - Cats, GWS, Lions and Magpies were the top 4 for contested possession differential.

Even across Richmond’s finals games across 2017 to 2020 they actually had a positive contested possession differential.

Also looking at the stats quickly:

  • In 2021, Cats were also 6th for contested possession differential and 2nd for clearance differential

  • In 2016, Bulldogs were number 1 contested possession and number 1 clearance differential team

  • In 2014, Hawks were number 5 contested possession and 5 clearance differential team