The 2023 Draft Thread

A successful outlier though.

You really need to understand your own gameplan before making judgements about whether or not a stat tells you something about how well or not well you’re doing.

I think the “eye test” said that we were playing a garbage gameplan in the second half of the year that wasn’t great in contested ball

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Yeah I like this kid and the name is great!! I would love to split the pick if we could get him and Charlie Edwards with the resultant picks but not sure if that would even be possible.

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He’s drifted out a little. He’s played senior WAFL all season and been played almost exclusively high half forward, which can be a graveyard at times. He seemed to get pigeonholed as a high half forward, played similar roles at Academy and Champs level (Academy on a wing as well). We haven’t really seen him through the midfield outside of the final quarter of WA’s last champs game.

He’s a nice size, has some solid skills. Has had an impact at WAFL level, I don’t think he’s been dropped to the reserves at all throughout the season which says something.


I think we were playing an uncontested game style all year to be honest.

Works in the start of the year as playing aren’t as fit; but gets exposed in the business end of the year


George Stevens thanks.

Too small. We have othe needs right now.

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We need some lads with a bit of rat bag in them, very vanilla team at the moment.

On Jack Callinan I like him quite a bit, just think if we bring in Jade Gresham AND Kai Lohmann as reported we would be over invested on small fwds.
Gresham, Lohmann, Menzie, Guelfi, J.Davey, Tex and A.Davey (until ready for mid role).

I would however be open to trying to send Guelfi back to WA and picking up an actual natural small fwd like Jack though

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I was talking to a bloke who’s umpired him…reckons he’s not THAT slow…quicker than the likes of Jobe and Joey Kennedy, has great strength and great, quick hands.

We need to draft different types this year, so say an inside BBM and a smaller, quicker forward or back, and maybe an aggressive KPF.


So we not drafting a tall forward this year?

Archer Reid come on down

We have Parish, Shiel, Tsatas, Setterfield, Caldwell and Hobbs who all play inside. We have Durham and Martin as our only recognised wingers…it’s an area of the ground that needs attention. Yes I believe it’s a priority!


Wingers? Tsatas says hi!

Surely the two most important traits you want in your wingman are:

  • Outstanding aerobic endurance - to be able to repeatedly provide coverage for your backs on defensive transition and to also be an outlet on offensive transition.

  • Be a damaging kick of the footy - given that wingman have the benefit of generally getting a bit more time and space to dispose of the footy you want these guys to be pretty classy by foot.

Ideally your wingman is strong in both these areas (i.e. Sidebottom in modern times comes to mind as an example) but you can probably get away with being strong in one and just ok in the other (i.e. Ed Langdon). But it’s not a recipe for success if you’re not strong in either area IMO which is why I have my doubts about the wing role suiting Tsatas.


Would love Stevens with our 2nd pick.
He could be a flop, but could also be our version of Jai Newcombe


This should be high on our list to address this pre-season or next pre-season.
I know we ragged on them when we had them for being soft, but we’d love Zaharakis and Stanton lining up on the wing.
We desperately need players capable of running from pocket to pocket constantly.
We’ve found one in Durham.
Whilst Martin is doing a good job on one wing, I think he’ll be more beneficial in other roles.
I don’t see Cox as a full time wing. I think he’ll be shuffled around back, forward and wing depending on need.

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To me, Martin looks to be a complete natural on the wing. And he’s elite at it. Great tank and beautiful kick of the footy.
I know plenty reckon he will end up as an on-baller and maybe he will but I personally struggle to see that playing to his strengths or the team’s strengths given that I don’t think he is super comfortable with the more combative stuff at stoppages. Maybe he’ll get there.

Durham is at a competent level now and I’m hoping still has improvement in him. And I’m still in the camp of Cox basically being a wing or bust. I don’t know if I trust him being accountable as a backman but he is good aerobically and can get that mismatch aerially on the wing. Needs a huge pre season and to rediscover his mojo first which I’m hoping will coincide with an improvement in his kicking and what he’s prepared to bite off by foot.

If another wingman came around via the draft or via one of the other mechanisms then great but I’d have it behind quality small forward(s), key forward, ready made key back, aggressive big bodied mid with power and probably even a half back that’s an upgraded version of Nick Hind.


Not really. More inside like Merrett.


Tsatas is a first possession midfielder


Even though he wants to go Saints, I think we should keep trying with Liam Henry.

Freo want a first rounder for him, pass.

Alwyn Davey could be a good wing.