The 2023 Draft Thread

I didn’t say it was rubbish.

And yes more than likely there will be players picked that surprise and become decent to good players. But will we pick them?

That’s why clubs are wary because it isn’t easy to pick them and the odds are against you rather than for you.

Next year also has some aggressive, competitive players we should be interested in.

For what its worth (and its a very early call) I expect the top end of this draft to be better than next year. I’d be exploring options to trade in or trade up, not looking to trade out.


But next year has some tough, big bodied competitors according to Cal and as far as i’m concerned, that’s what we need.

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but did he hit any targets or stick a tackle?

I’m not sure about that to be honest. Cal might have a different list to myself. Yes there are beefy guys like Smillie and Lalor, but there are also a lot of smaller, nippy types at the top end like Jagga Smith, Sid Draper, Finn O’Sullivan, Levi Ashcroft, Leo Lombard etc.

Finn O’Sullivan was one of them but he thinks he goes pick 1. He goes through them at the beginning of this weeks gettable.

I hope he’s not saying Finn is a beefy boy? He’s 181cm tall, skinny build, and relies on speed, evasiveness and elite skills to do his damage.

I’ll watch gettable tonight some time, but I just don’t agree that next years draft is filled with big beefy competitors. Quite the opposite.


No not all them were big bodied competitors theres a mix of course and the competitor and big bodied wasn’t always the same player but there was at least players that imo fill what we need, not so sure there are many this year that do that but i don’t watch them live so maybe off the mark.

Its certainly true that if you want an elite midfielder then you want to get into the top end of next seasons draft. This year is relatively light on for midfield stocks at all stages of the draft. Next season the first round will be packed full of midfield talent.

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That would be awesome i rate clay hall. Edwards i don’t rate at all.


I’ve found it surprising we have heard so little about Hall, he was mighty for WA and quite combative.
Someone might get a steal with him

Accordingly to Cal it’s looking more likely than not that Sanders will be in the open pool which is great news, especially for where we sit in the order.

On the downside North’s ineptitude will be rewarded with further diluting this years draft (pick 11) and an end of first round PP for next year, which is a very handy asset for future trading or a pick swap upgrade to help a club with an academy prospect or Father son pick (likely Tyler Walsh).

Also very likely North will attempt to trade up for pick 4 using 11 which could result in North holding Picks 2,3,5 after a bid for Walter.

We would have to be one of the only sides in the competition who have never had any benefit from the priority pick system. As poorly run as we have been, timing and luck has never been on our side in this regard.


We got an end of first round priority pick in 2006, which turned into Leroy Jetta.


and a end of first round priority pick after/during saga - Laverde

But also had picks stolen off us in 2013 super draft & 2014 draft & 1999 draft
so net loss by a significant margin

The AFL also stripped Essendon of their first two picks in the 1999 national draft and froze them out of the pre-season and rookie drafts entirely.

he Dons have been banned from the first two rounds of the 2013 NAB AFL Draft. They will also lose picks in the first two rounds of the 2014 draft for their part in bringing the game into disrepute for the supplements scandal that has overshadowed this season.

However, the Bombers will get an end of round one selection in the 2014 draft, and can trade back into both the 2013 and 2014 drafts.

Gained Jetta and Lavered
under old Priority rules could have been Selwood instead of Jetta.

Then 2013 - potentially lost access to Cripps + Lobb (Or potentially were gonna trade 13 to Dogs for 4 and Crameri and get the Bont)
2014 - potentially missed out on Lever + Menadue


Is it luck? Or a grand conspiracy?

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Which was poor timing as it would’ve been pick 5 the year before.

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I assume this is pick 11 based on current order (i.e. after our pick 8) - in which case, meh.

So in the open draft, these likely go in front of our pick (assuming we get pushed back to 9 due to McKay): Reid, McKercher, Duursma, Curtin, Watson, Sanders, Caddy, Sullivan … leaving us with our pick of the rest amongst Wilson, Murphy etc … not ideal. We are just beyond the top end talent, as we always seem to be.


Walter, Read and McKay priority pick will fall head of our pick)

doubt that short suns academy player will be bid on in the top 10.
only got 8 touches in the VFL game.

If North get pick 3, and if Walter and Red get bid on early, we have pick 11 on draft night. Not a great result given where we are at.

I would consider trading it to be honest


After round 9 had a shoulder injury that kept him out. The week before he had been told he was going to be selected for seniors. He needed to put a little more size on. Hare like his old man, his kicking could be like parish at times. He has worked really hard on that.

He can find the ball easy enough