The 2023 Draft Thread

Arie’s long and accurate kicking was on full display in this game as he racked up 10 rebound 50s as well as a fantastic running goal from well outside 50. He also showed some contested and intercept marking ability which draft watchers have been keen to see more of.

Always seems to be the case.

I really rate Wilson though and think he fills a need for us if we miss out on Caddy or no one else slips through.

Can see O’Sullivan and Caddy being snapped up early with clubs looking ahead to next year. We’d be a fair chance of bidding on Croft too.

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Im hoping Sanders or Caddy slip through.
would be disappointed with us if we bid on Croft.


If we miss out on Ben McKay…

The Matt Rosa inside word might lead us to Peel CHB Jacob Blight with a late ND or rookie pick. 21 years old, 195cm, 95kg named in the WAFL team of the year recently. Averaged 16 disposals, 6 marks this season and played one of his best game in last weeks Preliminary Final.

I’ve never seen him play or even any vision of him but I do know Rosa has already recruited him once. He crossed to Peel at the end of 2022 after playing his juniors at Claremont.

Any WAFL watchers with any further info on him?


I’ve watched a bunch of Peel games but I don’t recall him standing out. If any rumours start to heat up I’ll go back over my footage.


This is all they have on rookie central

Scouting Notes: 2020 WAFL Colts, Round 8 – Claremont vs. West Perth

Lenny Fogliani

#14 Jacob Blight

Stationed at full-back, Blight was rock solid in defence, thwarting many of West Perth’s attacking entries. He finished with 26 possessions and three marks.


Good news for Suns with their 3 new academy recruits.

Are we allowed to approach players with a big money offers at the end of year 2, will ■■■■ some clubs off, so we should do it.

Smarter run clubs use rules to their advantage
Fighting the AFL, all time bonehead move.

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Including at our pick at 18?

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George Stevens has been picked for South Warrnambool seniors in the grand final Saturday. His brother, Archie, had a foot injury which stopped him missing out because he would have played too many games at FCFC VFL.

Luamon Lual and Wil Rantall will play in the U18.5 grand final.


This Noonan/George Stevens thing is quite something. Blossoming by the day!

It’s rapidly challenging Saladin/Elliot Kavanagh and Nino/Stringer.


It’s ironic that for Dodoro’s last draft I wouldn’t be surprised if we take a half back flanker with our first rounder

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I’ll withhold judgment until i see him play.

Can we? We often do and fail.

Fair. we may as well keep practicing then.

Port Delisted Teakle.
Do we bring him back as the backup ruck would be behind Draper and Bryan.
he trialled with us a while ago for SSP spot.

I’d rather get Flip out of retirement than Teakle. Teakle is terrible

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