The 2023 Draft Thread

Brynn EDELSTEN Teakle

Zane Duursma 4th
George Stevens 3rd in Morrish Medal
Colby McKercher Tied 1st
Patrick Hughes 1st

I’ll be interested to see that if we do get Goldstein, do we still draft another young ruck, say in the rookie draft? I mean Goldstein is a stop gap option…or do we try and draft one next year? 3 rucks is a minimum on the list so I’m hoping RFK is scouting a rookie ruck with some size.

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According to Tom Morris the Suns pick 4 is the “Dogs to lose”

I wonder if someone will come in mate and trump them. Won’t be us of course.

We’d only feature IF we can secure pick 13 (Gresham compo) from Saints as part of a Shiel trade.

Offer 8 & 13 for pick 4, which they’d take ahead of 10 & 17 from the Dogs.

So yeah, unlikely. We’d also need to get both trades done fairly early on you’d think, which I also don’t see happening.

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While 3 rucks is a minimum on a list, conversely it is also a maximum on a list.

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Leake gave AFL recruiters a lot to think about in his final game of the season. He started in the forward line and kicked two impressive goals, then moved into the midfield for the final three quarters of the game. After taking some time to get going, his final quarter as a midfielder was very strong, using his size, strength and speed to find the footy inside the contest and on the spread. Leake looms as an intriguing prospect.


So it wasn’t Dodo’s fault… Get him back !!! lol

Should this whole Gresham-Shiel 13 scenario play out and we hit the draft with the picks I’d love

Pick 8- Wilson

Pick 13- Charlie Edwards

Pick 27- James Leake

Pick 46- Tom Anastasopoulos (if we use it)

Dont we trade 27+Shiel for 13 in that scenario.

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I’ve seen about half a dozen different way’s people have it getting done.

Would be pumped to see it get done either way

Pretty sure the Dogs offer involved a future first aswell.
No club would be stupid enough to hand over pick 4 for 8&13 or 10&17


They would accept 8 and 13 if it was the best offer as it’s around 700 points more than pick 4. They need points, not picks.


8 & 13 for 4 is a very good deal for a club that is after the player types in that range. Unfortunately for us, the players predicted around that mark are not our biggest priorities.

After the deal they did for Bowes anything is possible

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I’d be a little surprised if Leake is there at 27. I see there being a large group of decent/draftable prospects from 20ish onwards that are quite even, but Leake has I think separated himself from that group now.


I hear he could drop because he’s a bit if a drip!


But it wouldn’t be the best offer as the Dogs bid has a future first included. Suns have potential top 5 academy kids next year too so will be looking to the future aswell.
If they do need more points for this year they are getting rid of Choo, Burgess and a couple of others who will get them something and with 10&17 they receive from the Dogs they can try and say split or trade pick 10.


A way to even the competition in a season would be any club who has won a flag in the last 20 years and received prioity picks gets their first rounder taken away. And clubs that have received AFL draft Penalties get the picks reinstated.

So Hawks, Pies, Tigers, Dees all lose first rounderss. we would get a couple of extra first and second rounders. Adelaide would receive picks too.
Doesnt’t effect saints as they didnt win anything.
Blues dont get extra picks given they already received priority picks.


Shaun Mannagh just kicked 6.2 and 27 touches in VFL GF losing team. Who is he and will he get picked up mature age?