The 2023 Draft Thread

Mannagh looked all right. This was a nice goal.

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If we picked him up, could it be Mannagh from heaven?


Norf melbourne assistance package

  • End of first round pick this year
  • Two end of first round picks in 2024 (can be reviewed next year)
  • Two extra rookie list spots for 2024.
  • No extra access to Ryley Sanders beyond standard NGA rules.

Just re-iterates the need to capitalise the draft this year given that next year it will be compromised with North and Tassie coming in the years after!
North now will get a good ride and probably pick up a flag in the next 3-5 years - courtesy AFL.

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Absolutely disgraceful. North get pick 2,3,14,19 this year and picks 1 or 2 next year plus 19,20,21/22. Even if they higher on the ladder watch them trade up to number 1 again with the extra picks.

Ruining the draft before Tassie comes in and takes 1/3 of the picks. The comp will be in shambles soon



It’s been cooked since at least the inception GC and GWS.


just move them to tasmania


Its basically nothing compared to what they were asking for.

They were asking to be allowed to pre-list Riley Sanders for free, and if not that then access to match on him at any point in the draft like a father son. They didn’t get either of those.

They were asking for a priority pick after their first rounder, and if not that then a pick in the middle of the first round. They got neither of those.

In the end, all they got was an end of first round pick which is what they got last season.

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They must have known they’d never get all that and it was an ambit claim though. Not getting everything they asked for makes it less likely the afl will get asked awkward questions about why they’re getting anything at all.


The entire bottom eight should be permitted an extra rookie pick


The entire 18 teams should get a extra list spot.
Bottom 10, extra 2 list spots


I know I’m dreaming but it feels like Nick ‘the wizard’ Watson’s stock are sliding and his draft range is expanding.

Here are his highlights from the weekend. Draft range is now 2-10.


North Melbourne’s small forwards are complete garbage. If they don’t trade up for pick 1 then they will take him with one of their early picks. They are pretty well stocked for midfielders currently. Kayne Turner and Phoenix Spicer somehow even makes our disgusting small forward mix look elite by comparison.

If not, the Hawks or Dogs will take him if they trade up.


This is true but still doesn’t make it right. They’re now very well positioned to outbid any other club aiming to trade up both this year and next year which is a very envious position to be in. Good on C.Scott for calling it out. Certainly doesn’t help clubs like us.


Kayne Turner, another player that you wonder how they’re still on an AFL list

I have a feeling that season 2023 was the end of the road for him, finally.

They should close the doors at that joint if he is given another contract

Thought they delisted spicer too

I wouldn’t use a top 10 pick on a player that size. I really don’t care how good he is, not the size player we need. We need some big bodies or players with a frame to become a big body.


I agree, while he has shown some amzing skills and smarts at times, it’s a different beast in the big time when everyones built like a man and just as fast.

Yes the likelihood is he makes it, but we need certified blue chip players to build around.
You can take exciting flashy players when the foundation is laid

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