The 2024 Draft [spec] Thread

Competitive half back in the Redman mould


Pre or post haircut

He is a ripper. Another forward though when they have a dogshit midfield.
Fark Carlton will come out like bandits if they get the Comporeale boys too.
Dyson was solid again as an underaged and will go high next year. The Crows are heavily into him but will be interesting to see what draft capital they bank to have a crack

Is Tobie related to Sam Conforti do you know?

Harvey Langford looks an interesting one at our pick, looks to have a pretty decent kicking a tion if we still care about that in a high end draft pick.

I’m still aboard the Taj Hotton train though.

He could well be. I don’t get direct access to the pre-season testing results but apparently Langford tested really poorly, which is why some have him much lower in their draft rankings than others. Purely on his output and the eye test this season he deserves to be in that 8-15 sort of range.

@noobermensch I was at the game but wouldn’t mind some footage from SA trio Jacob Newton, Angus Clarke and Alex Dodson.

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also make an edit of kako looking ■■■■ so he slides to where we can get him, thanks


Looking back on last year’s draft, at this early stage, the Lions look like they have done some excellent business in picking up Logan Morris all the way down at pick 31.

I remember watching him kick 4 and take 11 marks for Vic Metro in a game against WA last year including some strong pack marks and being super impressed. I couldn’t quite compute that there were 30 prospects better than him.

I get that he’s probably marginally shorter than Caddy for instance, but there didn’t seem such a gulf between them that one would be taken top 10 and the other at 31.

Reckon they’ve done well.

Yep a player picked on actual output instead of ‘upside’, he should have gone higher.


I did Dodson today:

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Any relation to Darryl Dodson? The South Australian horse trainer?

Sorry, no idea about that. Alex is a two sport star though, every chance he picks basketball at this stage. Has US college scholarship offers they say.

Joe Berry is a ripper. Played midfield in all his junior years and has only been used as a forward recently when stepping up in Bushrangers because of his size. Still needs to develop physically but has a great knack of getting the ball. Great kid from a good family.

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I’m becoming more wary of supposed draft experts in the media. Will Phillips had 16 touches in the VFL last week and looks likely to be delisted/traded this year. Have a look at the write up from Cal Twomey (who was also a huge Tsatas fan)

Not specifically having a go at Cal, it’s just a theme for the media to control the narrative about some players.


Yeah, I guess you have to look at whether whatever the kid brings to the table in underage footy can be translated to the AFL. Someone like Phillips, and probably Tsatas, clearly dominates against their peers, mainly for to the fact they maybe were more physically mature. Whereas you look at Phillips at 180cm and 80 or so kilograms as an inside midfielder, does he have the power and strength to compete against guys 10+ cm taller and 10-15 kg heavier? Clearly at this stage it appears as if he doesn’t have the physical attributes that will make him a success as an inside midfielder at AFL level, nor does he have elite speed or skills. I fear Tsatas will be in the same boat as Phillips.

Phillips will 100% end up at another club next year. He’s still young enough that a team will think he has scope for development, he was highly touted, and will likely cost not much in a trade.

He’s also had a few setbacks including glandular fever. He played some decent AFL games last year.

And when I say another club, I’m not saying Essendon should try get him. We need outside class not inside grunt.


I think he can mould his game around how Rhylee West is playing. That’s his ticket to a list spot imo.

Worth noting that the write up^^ was the covid year, it was essentially based on his bottom aged year in which case Phillips was a clear standout. Unfortunately, just doesn’t have physical weapon that makes him a point of difference on the field which among other things has limited his opportunities. He’s a bit like Will Snelling in that regard.

It’s not really controlling a narrraive, anyone who watched Phillips coming through the draft would have said he was a top 10 lock. Was a ball magnet with toughness and skill.