The 2024 Draft [spec] Thread

Yeah I got the footage of that game on the weekend. I am planning to do both. Whitlock was good, but not quite 5 goal game good I thought, if that makes sense. He got some of his chances through fortune and free kicks.

Berry though for sure, I should have done something for him way before now.


Twomey talked up M.Whitlock today as potential top 10 so any footage out would be good for people to see. Berry just about has nice highlights every game


How is Berry on the defensive side?

It’s now on the AFL site. Broken onka-paringa. Out for 2 weeks.

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The two videos as suggested by @THE_DON1

Even setting aside the five goals scored by Matt Whitlock (some were a little fortunate) his performance was still impressive given he’s been playing as a key defender this season and was shifted forward for the first time here.

Joe Berry is very impressive as a small forward. Sharp shooter, able to convert from tight angles and difficult chances. Strong with his pressure acts, able to react quickly to crumbing opportunities. Solid overhead.


How do you rate Berry v Kako as a small forward? And in what range would you expect Berry to go?

I rate them similarly. Berry might be a shade ahead as he’s taller and kicked goals more consistently, even in games where the Bushies have struggled, but both have very similar attributes. Both quick, both strong with their pressure acts, both dangerous around goals, both good crumbers and clean with ground level pickups, both good overhead. Kako is more natural at finding leadup opportunities.

The champs might help to separate them.

Range would be mid teens for both if I had to guess, but if a team with an earlier picks desperately wants a small forward I wouldnt be surprised to see either go earlier.


Taj Hotton suspected ACL according to Cal Twomey. Super sad for the young lad, he’s had such a bright start to the season and put himself right into top 10 contention.


If he’s that highly rated, surely someone will draft him somewhere.

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Cats will get him late in the draft and then turn him into Joel Selwood with multiple premierships to follow.

He wont slip that late. He’ll still very likely end up a first round pick I think. It just sucks for the kid more than anything. They always say that your senior season is so much fun for the high end draftees. The hype, the anticipation, the brotherhood of going through it with your mates etc.


I don’t really know anything about him other than what a quick google search reveals, but if he was tracking as highly as stated (here and in the articles) and is a high half-forward option, I’d be happy to drop our second rounder on him. I think we have the depth in most positions that we could afford to be speculative with our second and later picks, given our second round pick may not be until the mid-late 30s.

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ACL’s aren’t such a big injury these days that they’ll cause a pointy end talent to slide 30 picks.

I was being silly :joy:

The speed of Kaka was something else :heart:

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Draft both Kako and Berry? Ok deal.

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Finn O’Sullivan out for 9 weeks.

Hand damage.

Hotton is still top of my list for needs, we need a natural HFF.

A Hotton and Kako double is the dream, would settle our forward line.

We have Jones,Peter,Caddy,Langford we dont need anymore forwards

We need small forwards

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Isn’t Horton a fwd-mid, not a KP tall?