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Speaking of good homebrew…
It’s ready. Cold crashing to keg tomorrow night.


Japan owns just about all of it now. I wouldn’t mind so much if Asahi and Kirin would bring the damn stuff over here so I can drink it. The best Aussie stuff I can easily get is Coopers.

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Yeah it was inevitable. There will be more. The entrance of Brewdog into the Aus market in earnest is the shadow that looms over the market here and has played a big part in the sales of PL, GB and now Balter. I know one of the former investors in PL and he said it was the sole reason they entertained the sale. They might’ve held out longer for a better price but the reality was they got very rich very quickly and holding out wasn’t really going to net them that much better pay off for the risk it exposed. BrewDog have the potential to cut a swathe through the market now and it’s the fast growing mid sized breweries that stand to loose the most. The comments out of Balter this morning are instructive on this… They know they’re basically at their peak value right now and are obliged to do the right thing by their investors before Brewdog starts hurting their market share and in doing so the bottom line.

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soon to be, not yet confirmed is it?

50% of the market now with the purchase of Balter. Quite a stable of craft now. Balter, PL, 4 Pines (faux craft), Mountain Goat, Green Beacon. I wonder who’s next… Bentspoke will look pretty appealing I reckon.

The US has provided good foresight for the mid-sized guys - cash in during the bubble or struggle when the slow growth inevitably comes.

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Japanese companies are sitting on an extraordinary $USD 5 trillion in cash (> 500 trillion yen). In a competitive & mature market, they have little choice but to go on the acquisition trail to provide future growth. And I wholeheartedly agree with you - high time our stores are stocked floor to ceiling with beer choices.

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I wasn’t saying I wouldn’t do it. You’d be mad not to cash in. But like you said about PL, I don’t drink it anymore because of selling up. I’d rather give my cash to the independent outfits.

I’d don’t not drink PL because they sold, in fact I still do drink some PL stuff, but not much on account of the shotty storage and distribution of the product. It sits in distribution centres, loading docks and warehouses in the sun without being properly looked after and inevitably is spoiled. That and the stock is often very old by the time it gets to the consumer. On the occasion I can find fresh cans of IPA or Mosaic I’ll pick them up. If they can their Nitro Coffee stout I’ll definitely be on the look out for it, that ■■■■ is mothers milk.

But each to their own of course and wanting to support independents and in doing so keep the profits in Aus is certainly as good a reason as any.

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The majority of the time, core range stuff in pack from breweries that have sold is done by the big guys and anything in keg keeps coming out of the original brewery. Buy independent in pack and you can usually get beers that you’ve enjoyed in their original format on tap if you really want those beers.

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I was told by somebody connected to PL that the he believed the first thing to change there was that keg production moved to Abbotsford. Not sure if there was any truth to it. You’d hope that given the huge new brewery they haven’t had to move too much elsewhere.



Glad to see yours looks like that as well! I pulled off a tube for a SG test yesterday and I was worried it might be a bit too cloudy. Bottling tomorrow also.

Also how often are you brewing? With a wait time of nearly 6 weeks it doesn’t seem smart to wait till I finish all the first lot to get the bottles before brewing again.

We probably brew every ~6 weeks or so. But my brewing partner and I split batches so there’s half as much beer. When we bottle we usually put a 2nd batch on straight away. Your turn around should be a lot less than 6wks. 2 weeks to get to bottling and if you don’t chill then there’s should absolutely be enough yeast in the bottle to carbonate in a week. It’ll get better over a few subsequent weeks but absolutely should be drinking after 7-10 days.

Fermenting under pressure means you can do it quicker, and using certain kinds of yeast. We could easily do a brew on Kveik yeast (Norwegian farmhouse yeast that’s just coming into prevalence Australia, tolerated higher temp and ferments very quickly) at 35psi and it’ll be done and drinkable in ~4-5 days.

My advise is that you want enough bottles for one batch of beer and empties for a second batch at the same time, that way you’ve got ample turnaround if you get the urge to put another brew on. Or kegs. Kegs are better, get a kegerator and kegs.


Oh and haze is yeast and hop haze still in suspension. If you don’t chill your brew then it’s still gonna have significant haze if you’ve got any decent amount of hop matter in it. Which it should. :wink:

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This was day 4. Absolutely smashable. Very enjoyable.

Now I know I’ve probably brought about some sort of Xmas bad luck but this is day 6. Yeah I know I’ve jumped ahead but work beckons for the next few nights. Anyway, this was delicious. Just a hint of apricot and at 3.5% could knock a few back in the hot sun watching some croquet. (Have never watched it just for the record).

Day 5 is next and it looks gooooood.


Yes a second set of bottles, that is the conclusion I came to as well, or at least a half set and brew again when half this first lot are empty. This is a bit more internal storage space than I expected!

So although my recipe says 4 weeks bottle conditioning I can start to drink earlier - when it looks like carbonation has finished?

Looks interesting @Klawdy - I regret not getting one of these advent boxes and they seem to be all sold now.

They’re good fun Colonel. I usually like to buy 2 of the 1 beer so I get a good feel for it, but I think that might be pushing the relationship a bit with Mrs. K asking for 2 calendars.

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Belgian brown with sour cherry. No head or beer flavour I recognise, just sour cherry with lots of acid. Not my bag.

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